Reward – and punishment

I was talking with some friends recently about how we were all raised. We talked about both positive reinforcement and spanking, and I recalled an incident, when I was 11, where my parents used both of these disciplinary methods at the same time 

I had been a good boy for an extended period of time, and one particular weekend I was a really good help for my dad with some garden work. Because of that, Dad had promised to take me out for ice cream a few days later as a reward for my good behaviour. 

On the day of our ice cream date, while I was still at school my parents took a call from my teacher. She told them I had not only not done my homework, I had also been disruptive in class by talking too much.

Of course my parents was not pleased with what they heard. Mom argued that part of my punishment should be that ice cream was cancelled, and that Dad should bring me straight home for a good spanking. 

However, my dad argued that I had earned and been promised the ice cream, so it was important that I was shown the importance of keeping a promise. After we got home from ice cream, he argued, was the right time to talk about my behaviour in school and give me the sore bottom I undoubtedly deserved. After some discussion, it appears Mom ended up agreeing to this plan.

So it was that when the school day was over, Daddy was waiting for me in the car and we went to a cafe to get ice cream. After that, we had to go and buy some groceries before heading home.

Once we got back, Daddy told me to go into the living room, because he and Mom had something to talk to me about. Of course, once I was sat down there, it all came out about the call from school. I was told about the conversation they had had.

Then Daddy said: “Morten, you can see I thought it was important to keep a promise. But now I need to keep a promise I made to your mommy, and that is to punish you properly for your misbehaviour. You and I are going to your bedroom now for a spanking. Give me your hand.”

I obediently held Daddy’s hand and began to cry as he led me to my room. He sat down on my bed and had me stand in front of him. Then he asked: “Morten, do you understand why you are getting a spanking?” Through my tears, I managed to get out: “Because I didn’t do my homework and misbehaved in class.”

Daddy nodded. “That’s right. Now come her to me.” Daddy put me over his knee and once I was positioned correctly, he raised his hand and began to spank me. Even though the spanking was given on my clothed seat, it hurt a lot and I was soon crying freely from the pain. I got 11 smacks to match my age.

Once the spanking was over, Daddy helped me to sit down (a bit carefully!) on his lap and he hugged me while I cried. Afterwards, he had me pray that God would help me behave like a good child in future.

Contributor: Morten

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