Paying for pleasure

I grew up with two brothers who were older than I was. At the time of this incident I would be 14 and my brothers 16 and 17 respectively.

Spanking was nothing new in our house. Such discipline was usually administered in our parents’ bedroom. We always got a dose of the hairbrush, and for severe offences the belt was added to the mix.

One day while I was watching TV in the lounge, I heard my mother yelling at my brothers. Before too long, she ushered them into the lounge. She had each of them by the ear and both were naked.

It was the first time I had seen boys naked past puberty and while they were my brothers, in one sense in my mind they were also good-looking hunks. To make matters worse for my brothers, they both sported semi hard-ons. It was certainly the first time I had seen a boy’s erection!

My mother stormed off for a moment, leaving the boys standing there with their hands on their heads and naturally very red-faced.

When Mother came back she was carrying a centrefold from a girly magazine in her hand. She tossed it down on the coffee table and I looked at it with interest. There was a young woman with perfect breasts, and she was turned sideways to show a nice round butt. 

My mother then addressed my brothers. “Well, boys, if you like looking at naked people, we’ll see how you like being naked in front of others, shall we? You are going to pay dearly for your little bit of dirty pleasure, believe me!”

With that, she grabbed my youngest brother, pulled him over her lap and went to work on his butt with the hairbrush. I myself had received the brush many times, but this was the longest and hardest spanking that I ever could imagine.  My brother was begging Mother to stop, kicking his legs, twisting and turning on her lap while his arms were waving in the air as his contorted face dripped tears and snot on the floor.

After a long time – which I imagine must have seemed like an eternity to him – Mother let him up, his butt deep red, and she warned him not to rub it.

While the first spanking was being administered, my older brother had been standing watching and I noticed that despite his natural fear, his erection had grown back. His penis was stiff as a board and pointing at the ceiling by the time Mother grabbed hold of him, pulled him across her lap, and went to work with the hairbrush again. 

My elder brother reached back to protect his backside but Mother quickly pinned his arm against his back. He too kicked and wiggled and cried a river of tears during the spanking, which lasted even longer than the first. Eventually, my brother just went limp over Mother’s lap and waited for the spanking to finish. 

In the meantime, watching this second spanking, my other brother had regained his erection, which fascinated me. When her second ‘customer’ was removed from Mother’s knee, however, his penis was now shrivelled up. My big brother bawled like a baby and danced from foot to foot.

My mother pushed both boys back in front of the offending picture. “Right boys,” she said, “you might as well finish what you started and get your pleasure – because believe me, you’re going to pay for it in full.”

Both boys looked confused and embarrassed. Could Mother actually mean what they thought she did? Then she added: “You’re both going to get the belt, but if you can’t finish what I caught you doing then I guess another dose of the hairbrush is needed before then. What is it to be, boys?”

With faces now as red as their backsides, the boys slowly started to jack off. It was, needless to say, the first time I’d ever seen a boy masturbating. Soon both their penises were once again standing tall and hard. Mother told them: “Have a good look at that girl’s tits, because I swear, as long as you live in my house you won’t have the opportunity of touching the real thing!”

At those words, my younger brother started to moan and then was stroking his cock faster before he let out a groan and ejaculated.  I was spellbound seeing this and felt the nipples on my growing breasts get harder. In a minute, or so I saw my other brother’s balls pull up tight and he too let out a grown and ejaculated over the picture.  

Then it was time for the second instalment of their punishment. Mother positioned my younger brother over the end of the couch with his butt sticking up in the air. My mother smacked his ass with the belt and he just went wild and twisted off the couch, clutching his butt. It was only later in life that I learned that after an orgasm, your sensitivity to pain increases considerably.

Mother put him back in position and told him the stroke would not count, adding that if he moved out of position she would just start over.  She gave him a total of 28 smacks with the belt and his thighs and butt were marked all over from her full force strokes. He could barely stand up when she was done and his legs were trembling as the tears rolled down his face.  He just stood there with his hands on his head and a shrivelled cock, promising never to do it again.

My older brother was then put into position and he barely reacted to the first four smacks of the belt on his exposed butt.  But then when she Mother the lower part of his bottom, near the sit spot, he let out a yell and both hands went to his backside as he too twisted off of the couch. Again, Mother put him back into position and told him that she was going to start over. My brother just wailed while promising never to do it again, which did not affect her at all of course.

In all, he took 37 strokes of the belt on his butt and thighs and he had bruises for days alongside the marks the belt made.  He too now stood with his hands on his head and his penis soft and small, matching his brother’s.

My mother picked up the centrefold and crumpled it up, tossing it in the grate to be used as a starter for the next fire. She told my bothers to go off to their rooms and they shuffled off, hands plastered over two extremely sore backsides.

My mother then stormed off and I made my way to my own bedroom. I put a hand inside my own panties and masturbated myself to a thundering climax as I relived watching my brothers’ punishment.

Contributor: Elise

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