Maternal care, continued

Between the ages of 11 and 18, I was frequently spanked naked by my mother. I am an old man now, so those days are far behind me, but when reading Maman, it still evokes a lot of pleasurable memories of my upbringing.

I was something of an unusual child – I could basically take as much pain as my mother was able to give me – but I have to say that I also got lots of pleasure from these acts of chastisement.

The fact that my mother always personally stripped me naked like a little baby, even when I was a growing boy, made me feel wonderful. To be frank, I loved her seeing me naked and she certainly loved it too, as I found out one day.

By the time I was in my early 20s I had my own apartment and my mother would visit occasionally. I often thought about our earlier experiences together and one day I asked my mother straight out if she had enjoyed doing what she had done to me when I was naughty.

To my surprise but delight, she admitted that she had loved stripping and spanking me – she asked me how I felt about it. With something of a blush on my face, I admitted that I had also enjoyed those intimate moments.

Then another surprise. Mother asked me if I would like her to continue spanking me like a little boy. You can guess that I readily agreed.

Within minutes, she had me stripped naked. I had an enormous erection as she took me across her knee just like the old days, and our mutual pleasure began all over again. After the spanking, she stood me in front of her and relieved me with her hand.

These encounters continued for many years, until I was in my 50s and my mother in her 70s. I should stress that everything we did was entirely consensual and we both took lots of pleasure from these sessions. She was truly a good ‘Maman’ to me!

Contributor: James

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