A shameless spanking

As a child, every weekend I was surrounded by cousins – mostly on my mother’s side. The family was huge, as each of my mom’s several siblings had several kids of their own.

Most of my aunts lived in the same city as we did, but the one uncle from my mother’s side lived in a different one, which we visited once a year. They were very different from everyone else, as they lived on a farm and had a very ‘no-nonsense’ attitude.

While I later saw three of my other cousins naked, my first experiences of seeing someone naked in front of me were actually with my cousins from the farm. Now, I don’t want to give the impression they were some uneducated farmers living in poverty; they were actually well-spoken and studied hard, not to mention their farm had all the usual amenities you would expect from middle class.

What actually made them different was how they viewed nudity and sexuality. The kids were allowed to use outside showers – something I had only seen at the beach before, and then of course with swimming suits.

My uncle would just say something like ‘go take a shower’ and all the boys would take their clothes off and start soaping and rinsing right there, with their brothers, friends and cousins, regardless of age or how well they knew each other. Basically, if you were present, you joined in. I was shocked, as nudity in my household only happened by accident – doors were supposed to be always locked.

Showering there was the first time I saw erections. As I hadn’t had experienced any erections of my own at that point, I just assumed these other boys’ dicks were different because they were older.

After that trip, I went back home and one day happened to change the TV channel over to a sex comedy (from looking at images online over a decade later, I assume it was Porky’s). My sister was bored, so she sat beside me to watch along.

Well, let me tell you, my heart was beating so hard seeing all those naked women! It was much better than seeing my male cousins and their friends naked – so much so that I had my very first erection after dropping back on the couch, light-headed out of sheer excitement.

It was probably the only time in my life I nearly fainted out of excitement, my body lying there with my little tent pointing up right beside my sister. She looked at me but didn’t do or say anything about my erection. It was such a new, amazing feeling to be that excited! At some point during my erect daze, my mother walked by the TV, saw the naked people on screen and promptly spanked us both with a slipper to shoo us off from the living room into our bedrooms.

A few weeks after that episode, one of my female cousins from the farm came to spend a weekend with us. Just like her brothers, she had no qualms about getting completely naked in front of me before and after swimming in our pool. She was a few years older than me, around 11, blonde and a total cutie.

Even though she was still too young to have breasts, I absolutely loved seeing her nude head-to-toe. I was so happy seeing how pink she was down there – she was even better than the naked women from the movie! It made me wonder how amazing it would have been if she had showered with all us boys the last time I had visited them. Obviously, her nakedness gave me a throbbing boner, the second of my life.

She knew what she was doing, too – she had already been told to go into the bathroom or the tool shed when changing clothes, an instruction she wilfully ignored, choosing to expose herself to me instead. She then removed my swimming trunks so she could look at my erect pecker. It felt so good to look at each other nude, especially feeling her eyes on my penis. I felt so full of life – it was indescribable.

One day, this nude show got unexpectedly extended when we were seen by my mom and we were both dragged to the maid’s room (which wasn’t in daily use as we usually didn’t have a maid). I was made to sit on the bed and watch as my cousin got slippered on her bum while standing up with her back to me, still totally naked.

She didn’t actually cry, but she had everything – even her butthole – visible to me as she squirmed. She had a small bottom but I still loved admiring its shape and cuteness. She then was made to stand there nude for a while, just looking at what ‘she had done to me’ (i.e. given me a boner).

I wasn’t myself spanked – perhaps Mom consider I was the innocent party, being younger. After she had been punished, we were left on our own. Looking back, I could have taken the opportunity to play with my cousin intimately once we were alone, but I guess I was too young to get that idea at the time.

The spanking did change our relationship, though. Afterwards, we acted all ashamed and awkward around each other and pretended nothing had happened. To this day I wonder what sort of naked play my cousin got up to with her brothers and male cousins – and what kind of fun I missed out on that day.

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