Not guilty in second grade

When I was in second grade, during the winter us kids had to do our recess in the gym. Our teacher was adamant that no child would be allowed back in the classroom while she was monitoring.

One day, though, I had to use the restroom. So I asked permission from my teacher – she replied: “OK, but but no going into the classroom!”

I went to the toilet and as I made my way back, I noticed that there were three children in the classroom – two girls and a boy. One of the girls came out and said they had caught the boy in the room, and would I inform the teacher?

So I did as I was asked, and to my surprise and shock, she immediately became very angry with me and told me to go and sit down on a nearby bench. I couldn’t understand why.

The teacher left for a few moments, then came back with the boy in tow. She sat him next to me, telling us both not to move until she came for us.

After recess ended and all the other children left for class, she back over to us. She walked us over to one of the third grade classes and had a brief talk with the teacher there. A minute later, she was handed a paddle and approached us boys, smacking the paddle against her hand and asking who was going to be first.

I tried to plead my case but she didn’t want to hear anymore. “You’re first, young man. Bend over and grab your ankles!” I had no choice but to obey. She made a few adjustments to my posture and clothing, then applied the paddle twice. “Now, go to the classroom!” I did so, holding my sore bottom and unsuccessfully trying to fight back tears. The other boy got the same sentence, but to my amazement he re-entered the classroom with a smile on his face.

At that point, the two girls went up to the teacher and clarified the situation – that I had not set foot in the classroom and had done nothing wrong. They also told her about the other boy’s smile after his spanking.

The teacher immediately took the boy back out into the hallway, where we heard three more spanks being distinctly administered. Believe me, that boy was not smiling when he re-entered the room for a second time!

The teacher came over to me and apologised for the mistake, but I was mad with her for spanking me with no reason. My bottom was so sore and I continued to bawl – until the teacher told me to stop crying or she’d give me a reason to do so!

Contributor: John

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