A warm welcome home

Back in the late 80s, I was house-sitting with my mom at her friend’s house, waiting for them to get back from their vacation.

It had been my job to watch their pets while they were away, and as a reward I was getting some presents brought back from their holiday. I had done a good job and I waited excitedly for them to return.

When their car finally drove up, I ran up to it and asked them how their trip had been. It appeared that their daughter Kristen, who at 10 was a year younger them me, was in a really bad mood.

Standing by the car, I put my hands by the door as they all got out. It was then that Kristen slammed her door shut, trapping my fingers. I screamed and started crying uncomfortably.

Kristen’s dad quickly opened the car door and extricated me. Meanwhile, his daughter had disappeared into the house – pursued by her mother, who was now even more mad with her than she had evidently already been.

Her husband escorted me into the house to get some ice on my hand to reduce the swelling. As we walked into the kitchen, I immediately saw Kristen again – but now she was over her mother’s knee! The young girl’s skirt had been lifted up and her panties were on the floor.

Mom had a wooden spoon in her hand and began to spank Kristen methodically and repeated, and I watched that naughty girl’s bottom go from pink to a deep red as the punishment progressed. Watching her kicking, screaming and crying as she got spanked, I couldn’t help but smile.

When her mom thought she had been punished sufficiently, Kristen was let up and made to apologise to me, which she did. That must have been embarrassing enough, but I’m not sure she ever knew how long I was able to watch for, and how I had seen every part of her body.

Contributor: Steve

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