Softened up for spanking

The most embarrassing spanking I ever got was the first time I was done completely nude in front of both my parents. This wasn’t to be the only one I got in this manner, but I guess it was the most embarrassing because it was the first.

By now I was about eight years old. Before this I had been spanked many times by both Mom and Dad, but the other parent was generally not in the house at the time of these punishments.

However, this particular spanking occurred in the evening, after Mom and Dad both agreed that I needed my bottom warming. I was told to take a bath, and when I was done Mom ordered me out of the tub and she helped me dry myself off.

By this age, I was accustomed to bathing myself privately, so for Mom to see me like a little boy again was definitely embarrassing. To make matters worse, she didn’t bring any clothes for me to put on after I got out.

When I started to head into my room to get some pyjamas on, I was instructed not to go there, but to go into my parents’ bedroom room instead. I was horrified, but sheepishly obeyed. I walked with my hands over my genitals to try to maintain some modesty, but my bottom was completely exposed, and Mom was walking right behind me.

The first thing I saw when we got to the bedroom was Dad sitting on a chair in one corner. He told me to come over to him, which I did. Again, I was horrified because I was completely naked.

Dad said: “Eddie, you had better start being good and stop acting up.” Then he pulled me across his lap and held me down in place. I could not believe how ashamed I felt in this position in front of both my parents I clenched my legs and bum cheeks together to try to maintain some modesty.

At this point, Mom said something to Dad – I honestly cannot recall what it was, because I was so scared. Whatever, Dad then pushed my shoulders and arms further down so my head was now much closer to the floor. This now made it very difficult for me to keep my legs clenched together, so they relaxed. This, together with a soak in the warm water, made my bottom very soft and ideal for spanking.

Dad started spanking me, very hard from the start. The punishment went on for a very long time, with Mom standing right in front of us, watching every single smack intently with a grim but satisfied face.

Eventually, Dad must have decided I’d been given enough and made me stand up, freshly spanked and completely naked in front of both of them. I was so ashamed, because I could only imagine how red my behind must have looked, and I could barely stand or walk because it hurt so much.

Neither Mom nor Dad looked happy, but neither did they look exactly upset by what had just happened – I guess in their eyes, the spanking was just something they needed to do to teach me to correct my behaviour.

Mom looked me in the eye and said: “Well, Eddie, I hope that’s finally taught you a good lesson. Now, go to your room!”

I ran to my own bedroom as fast as I could to get on my bed and reduce the pain and embarrassment. Howeverm the spanking worked – any time in the future that I thought I was in danger of getting another one like this, I invariably altered my behaviour and became a ‘good boy’ again.

Contributor: Eddie

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