Brought up short

I have only given one punishment spanking in my life – because that isolated incident made me realise I was into giving spankings, and it never felt right to do it to a child again.

At the time I was 20 years old, and my older brother had a young son. He’s all grown up now and a good lad but back then he was a normal four-year-old who needed lots of attention and (sometimes) discipline.

One day I was babysitting him at the house alone, when I heard a crash from the kitchen. I found that my nephew had climbed on the counter (not allowed), got a bowl out (not allowed) and tried to make himself some cereal. In the process, he’d smashed the bowl.

I went into autopilot. I picked my nephew up so he didn’t hurt himself on the shards, and carried him out of the kitchen and took him to the lounge. Then, down came his shorts and across my knee he went.

Suddenly, it dawned on me that I was enjoying the spanking – but I knew I couldn’t just stop, having chosen to give him a dose of corporal punishment.

In the end, I landed eight good smacks on the seat of his underpants, gave him a cuddle while he had a little cry, then went to clear up the bowl. His mum and dad smacked his bottom quite regularly anyway so I wasn’t really out of order applying the sanction – but I knew I couldn’t do it again.

After that day, when I babysat and he misbehaved, he just got really, really long time outs instead. Believe me, sitting facing the corner for an hour does wonders for behaviour!

From that day on, all the smacking I’ve done has been of girlfriends’ bottoms, and the fun has been mutual.

Contributor: John

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