A brush with CP

I have an older brother and a younger sister, and of the three of us, I got spanked the most by quite a considerable margin. On the ‘sore bottoms table’ my sister came next, while our big brother got the least.

My brother and I got spanked by both our parents, but my sister only ever got it from Mum. I remember once, Mum went away for the weekend to attend a wedding, and my sister got in trouble on the Friday afternoon. Mum wasn’t due back until the Monday and by Sunday my sister could hardly bear the anxiety of what was coming her way, and begging Dad to spank her instead because she couldn’t stand waiting.

My sister got Mum’s hairbrush across her arse at least once a month from the ages of eight to 12 or so, and honestly it was worse than dad’s hand or slipper by a big margin. My sister would howl and scream as the hairbrush warmed her arse but that wouldn’t stop Mum.

The best one – or worst – spanking I saw my sister get was a bit later in her life. By now she was 13 and hadn’t been spanked in several months.

She also had a massive attitude – she didn’t do anything terrible but just kept being a ‘mare, sniping and rolling her eyes, stuff like that.

One day, Mum finally lost it with her. “Right!” she told her, “let’s see what a good spanking will do.” My sister actually laughed and replied: “I’m too old for that!”

Mum evidently disagreed. She wrestled my sister over her lap right there in the kitchen, shoved her skirt up, yanked her knickers down and laid into her with her hand. I stood there awkwardly, half watching but half not, until Mum turned to me and through my sister’s yells said: “John, can you go and fetch my hairbrush please, chick?”.

I obeyed. I very rarely saw my sister get spanked because my parents believed in modesty for girls, so this was quite exciting.

When I returned, my sister’s bum had already turned bright red and she was furiously yelling and telling mum to stop. Once the hairbrush began its work, this quickly changed to pleading and begging instead.

Finally she collapsed, crying and twitching with each spank of the brush. Mum gave her a really hard final one across the backs of her legs and said: “Any more attitude, Little Miss, and I’ll let your dad slipper you.”

On reflection, I don’t think Mum would have actually let Dad spank my sister – but the threat was enough, and my sister only got one or two more spankings during the rest of her childhood.

Contributor: John

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