The awakening

The first teacher I had a crush on was Mrs Patterson, who took me in third grade. I wasn’t the only one who thought her pretty. My father was the first to meet her, at a party, and commented on how attractive she was. I remember at the time my mom remarking that Mrs Patterson must really be something, because Dad almost never commented on other women.

I have to say that like a lot things from this time of my life, I actually have quite a vague mental image of Mrs Patterson – but I will never forget the awakening I experienced in her class.

I had been fascinated by spankings from an early age, especially those administered by women. At home, I got my father’s belt. This was an experienced I dreaded, though, and tended to resist when it happened. Of course, this usually made my punishment much worse. My father not only gave me extra licks for being uncooperative but would whip me until I remained in position and just took my punishment. 

In my third grade class, the rules were quite simple. If you acted up, you didn’t get sent to the principal’s office like I did in the second grade, you got sent out to the hall. Once there, you were ordered to assume the position, hands on the wall, while your teacher went to get her strap.

All the teachers in my hall were women, very strict and put a lot of swing into their swats. You would receive one lick the first time you misbehaved, two for a second offence and thence three each time, going forward.

Sometimes there would be only one or two students being punished, while at other times there would be several students from different classes being punished, with three or four teachers doing the honours.

In my experience, kids tend to feed off each other when it comes to bad behaviour. Plus, like any class, we had a few who just couldn’t seem to stay out of trouble.

For those of us not being punished, the doors were often left open for our benefit, and we would jump up in our seats as the swats were administered.

We usually heard much more than we saw, but on one memorable occasion, there were so many students being spanked it was like an assembly line.

In order to save space on the wall, Mrs Patterson was having her students bend over right in front of our door to take their swats. From where I was sitting I could see everything, and boy did it feed my fantasies!

I remember one little girl was wearing these thin tight shorts that must have offered very little protection for her poor bottom. She was crying and carrying on from the first of three very hard licks.

Mrs Patterson was having none of it – she kept ordering the little girl to get back in position and take her punishment, and probably would have applied penalty swats if that had been allowed. For myself, I felt an odd combination of sympathy and envy for that little girl. I would have traded places with her in a heartbeat. 

The first time I was sent out to the hall was for whispering something to my best friend Rex. I thought I was safe because Mrs Patterson’s back was turned to the class. When I heard my name called, followed by ‘out to the hall’, I got a knot in my stomach, in part because of what I feared would be waiting for me at home.

However, my fear was also mixed with excitement. I thought I was going to be dealt with on my own but another little boy followed me out.

The other boy was also a first timer and scared to death. While we assumed the position and waited for Mrs. Patterson to get the strap, I tried to reassure him.

When our teacher returned, she swatted me first and it really stung. But unlike the whippings I got from my father, it not only left me wanting more but also wondering what Mrs Patterson’s strap would feel like on the bare bottom.

I enjoyed the warmth of my behind as I sat back down in my seat – the only thing that dampened my enthusiasm was the fear of facing my father when I got home. But as it turned out, Mrs Patterson didn’t contact my parents on this occasion – and unless asked, I wasn’t about to tell! 

As much I desired a lot more licks from Mrs Patterson, I never deliberately misbehaved to get in trouble in her class. In any case, as kid with ADHD, I usually got into enough trouble without trying. Plus, there was the fear of my father’s wrath, as well as also wanting to please my teacher, thanks to my crush.

Looking back, if I had been a couple of years older when I had Mrs Patterson as a teacher I would have definitely acted up more often to get what I desired, and taken my chances with Dad.

Unfortunately for me corporal punishment was being phased out in my school district, and after third grade I don’t remember witnessing or hearing about any more spankings in school. A slightly older friend of mine, who grew up in a different district in my state, remembers corporal punishment being in place in high school. I would have definitely taken advantage of that system!

Contributor: Erik

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