Insight into the past

I am not a fetishist – I’m not ‘kinky’ and not naturally aroused by spanking. My husband, however, is – something I didn’t get to know about until the first lockdown.

During this period our youngest was isolating at university and we were home alone permanently and indefinitely. My husband took the opportunity to confessed his preference, and since then we have been working through it. He likes to spank me and I have begun to enjoy it, if only for how much he enjoys the act.

We spanked all of our children as they were growing up. Nothing inappropriate ever happened, but having had my eyes opened to the eroticism of spanking for some, I must admit I would not make the same decision today.

Our first child was born in 1980 and our last in 2000 – we heard the order ‘be fruitful and multiply’ and took it seriously! My husband and I are both naturally rather nervous figures, and thus discussed absolutely everything possible to do with parenting before we even became engaged, let alone slept together or got pregnant.

We both grew up with corporal punishment in home and school – I got a rare belting from my father and the slipper a few times at school. He got rather more frequent beltings from his father and several canings at school.

Given our shared experiences, it felt natural to apply such sanctions to our own children when we had them. We agreed that an over-the-knee, bare bottomed spanking with the flat of our hands would suffice – not too harsh, nor too lenient.

My husband smacked the children over clothing (a concession he made for his own comfort), but I spanked them bare as it was how I was myself spanked and it seemed natural to continue the legacy.

We spanked them principally between about three years old to around 11 or 12. However, one of our boys got into serious trouble when he was 15 and all involved – including my son – felt that a spanking as part of his punishment was necessary for clearing the slate.

When one of children had earned a spanking, I would tell them to go to their bedroom, change into their pyjamas, and sit on their bed. Spankings automatically meant no more playing out – the rest of the day was spent in their bedroom. The naughty child still got dinner, as my husband and I agreed that withholding food was barbaric.

Having sent the child to their room, and once my temper had cooled, I would go upstairs to administer the punishment. On these occasions, they were taught to stand when I entered their room. They would usually do so obediently, although there were occasional fits of pique.

I would sit on their bed, then we would discuss what had gone wrong and how to avoid it in future. Finally, on my command they would take down their own pyjama bottoms and bend over my lap. I didn’t necessarily employ this ritual to instil self-discipline – though it definitely helped with that. It was simply how my father proceeded before belting my brother and I, so that was how I went about the process myself.

The number of smacks they were then given varied dramatically, depending on age, sex and crime. A delicate little girl of three or four getting her first spanking only really needs a handful of smacks to turn her bottom pink and make her penitent, whereas a big sturdy boy of 12 needs far more!

The children would almost always cry, and their bottoms would be red once I was done. On one occasion, when my oldest son was caught sharing a stolen beer with some other boys when he was about 10, I smacked him for about ten minutes straight. How he howled! His bottom was red, but did not bruise. He does not smoke even now, so that smacked bottom evidently did its job!

When my husband spanks me now, he likes me to pretend to be a naughty little girl. I meekly go across his knee and submit to however many spanks he deems necessary. He knows, for his own good, not to push me too far – after all, I’m the one who does the cooking! As I lay across his lap, bottom red and stinging, I do think back to those days of smacking our children and how different the view is for the one being spanked.

As I said at the beginning, I don’t particularly understand the erotic appeal myself. However, my husband’s spankings do arouse me somewhat, as I know what’s coming afterwards. May you all find spouses as willing to play silly beggars, and get their bottom spanked too!

Contributor: Olivia

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