Troubled teens’ butts

I don’t think I’ve seen any stories on your site involving the ‘troubled teen’ industry. This surprised me, because the TTI is pretty notorious for using physical punishment – 99.9% of the time it crosses over into severe abuse, but I know a few people who’ve been through schools in it (including me) who got pretty normal spankings. I think you could do one of your special reports into spanking at TTI organisations!

My mom went through an 18-month programme at one of the ‘softer’ TTI schools in the 70s. She was shipped off to Utah as a moody 14-year-old who smoked a joint now and then, and returned as a 16-year-old who’d just spent 18 months with literal criminals – kids sent there by the court for selling drugs, assault, rape, even attempted murder.

The school did a whole bunch of awful shit, but they also had paddling. My mom got paddled multiple times in her first few weeks before she gave up and complied.

The paddlings always went the same – you’d be sent to the office of the commissioner (basically equivalent to a principal). They’d yell at you for whatever you’d done (which could include stuff as trivial as smiling when you weren’t meant to be, not making eye contact when you were meant to etc). Then you’d bend over the back of a chair, and the commissioner would whack the seat of your uniform pants. Each paddling usually left around 5-10 bruises, and Mom said her bottom was always bruised after a spanking.

For my own part, I was sent to a TTI ‘ranch’ when I was 15 and stayed there until I was 18 and could legally leave without permission. At that point, my mom hadn’t truly acknowledged how bad what she’d faced was, and figured that a similar place could straighten me out.

I faced a lot of abusive shit, but once again there were spankings too. The staff there used to get us to punish one another, instead of doing it themselves, to make them less liable. Even so, the place I attended is closed now because of such abuse.

Usually, staff would yell for a specific level of student (kids who’d been there for around two years or more who could be trusted to obey). The first one to appear would sit on a chair, and you’d have to bend over their lap. Then they’d spank your butt as hard and fast as they could until staff told them to stop.

Spankings were also used to embarrass us – they would frequently threaten to bare our butts and whip them with a belt. However, this never actually happened, at least as far as I know. 

For the record, I knew I was into spanking even then. I was on the fetish newsgroups before I went to the ranch, and my ‘porn usage’ was one of the reasons I was sent there.

While I was there, I’d always hope and pray that any punishment I got would be a spanking. They would leave my butt red but, unlike my mom’s, not bruised or anything. I fantasised about spanking constantly, although frustratingly I couldn’t touch myself at night because we were in dorms of 10+ other kids.

Contributor: Wendy

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