Learning about boys

My sister and I were routinely spanked by my mother. She would strip us of all clothing and put us over her knee and go to work with a hairbrush until we couldn’t cry anymore. We would plead, cry, squirm, wiggle and eventually just go limp as the incredible sting in our butts overwhelmed us. 

Afterwards, we were made to stand against the wall for 30 minutes to cry the punishment out, then we could gather our clothes and head to our bedrooms to nurse our incredibly sore and deep red behinds. We were always punished in front of each other but since we were all girls together, it really didn’t matter that much.

When I was about 15 and my sister 13, two boys came to stay with us for about a week, as their parents were dealing with a family emergency.  They were aged 17 and 14 respectively. We got along with them OK, but they were not as well behaved as we were and quickly ran foul of my mother and her rules.

One evening, she announced at dinner that she needed to have a ‘talk with the boys’ – which we girls knew meant they were going to be spanked. The boys, being not used to these niceties, were not concerned – but my sister and I knew they were really in for it.

After dinner, my mother called the boys into the living room. My sister and I lingered in the kitchen, hoping to overhear the spanking being given. But it was going to be much better than we hoped.  My mother called us in to the living, saying she was waiting. When we entered the room, my mother announced that both boys were going to be given a solid spanking, and she told us to sit on the couch.  My heart almost leapt from my chest thinking about the prospect of seeing a boy spanked.

My mother was soon stripping their clothes off off them and while they protested vigorously, it was a futile effort. As she pulled their briefs first down and then off, we got to see our first erections – it was amazing for us.  The boys’ penises were both pointing straight up to the ceiling and as she lectured the both of them, we were entertained by the sight of their private parts bobbing up and down slightly.

Their further protests went disregarded as my mother put the younger boy across her lap. After a few preliminary taps of the brush on his bare behind, his erection lying between her legs in full view, she began the spanking. At first, the boy just looked amazed at the obvious sting being administered to his behind, then he let out a lout shout and told her he had had enough. My mother ignored him and the hairbrush continued to land rapidly and effectively on his butt.

His kicking and frantic waving of his arms had no effect on my mother, and us girls watched his erection fade as he was thoroughly punished. He was probably spanked for a good four minutes and when my mother was done with him, his butt and upper thighs were a deep red. She grabbed him by the arm and put him against the wall, then got hold of his older brother.

Watching his brother being spanked bare bottom had made the older boy’s erection even harder, but like his sibling, his arousal very quickly subsided as my mother dealt with him. He was put over her lap and let out a scream with the first smack of the brush on his butt. He was even more animated than his brother had been under the brush, which both my sister and I found hugely entertaining.

The older boy’s spanking lasted much longer and his butt and upper thighs had bruising in several spots before my mother stopped the punishment. She grabbed his arm and pulled him to the wall, then made both him and his brother turn around to face us as they stood by the wall. Despite their painful experiences, both boys now had prominent hard-ons again. They both had a good cry too, and their faces were as red as their backsides in short order. 

While we girls tried not to stare too pointedly, we did get an excellent view and an education on the male response to corporal punishment, watching their boyish penises pointing at the ceiling. Finally, my mother let the boys pick up their clothes and they shuffled off to their bedroom, sniffles and tears still well to the fore.

This memory has stayed with me for years – it was a very entertaining and educational experience!

Contributor: Terri

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