The bare truth

When I was a child, it was mostly my dad who spanked myself and my siblings when we misbehaved – but make no mistake, if he was not around for any reason, Mom had no problems about warming little bottoms herself!

Both mom and dad spanked me and my siblings as child mostly dad did it but when he was not around mom had no problems in doing it herself s I remember this was the last time mom spanked me 

The last time I was put across my mom’s knee was when I was 11 years old. I had asked my mother if I could go and play with my friend Thomas, and received permission. However, instead I went to see another boy from my class named Jakob. His mom was not at home and I was not allowed to be somewhere where there was no adult supervision.

While I was playing at Jakob’s house, Mom saw to the laundry. She was in the middle of this chore when our doorbell rang. She opened the door and there was Thomas, asking if I could come out to play with him. Naturally, Mom was very confused, as she thought I was already playing with him!

She sent Thomas back to his own home, then called my dad, who was away on business for a few days. She told him that she didn’t know where I was and was worried sick. “Don’t worry,” my father told her, “he’ll be home before you know it – and when he does show up, make sure he gets a good spanking for telling you a lie!”

I arrived back not long after this conversation. Naturally, Mom was happy to see me return safely, but she was in no mood to let my deception drop either. In a firm tone, she demanded to know where I had been.

Unfortunately, at this point I only made a bad show worse by lying to her for a second time, saying that of course I had been with Thomas. Mom gave me a funny sort of look, then replied: “Well, Morten, that’s curious, to say the least. Thomas has just been here asking whether you could come out to play. Why would he do that if he had already seen you?”

I finally had the grace to know that I was well and truly busted and shamefacedly admitted that I had been over at Jakob’s house.

Mom pointed up the stairs: “Get to your room now! When I’ve calmed down, I will come up to see you and we will get to the bottom of your lies.” It didn’t take a genius to work out what she meant by that!

I sat miserably on my bed for about 20 minutes before I heard Mom’s footsteps coming up the stairs. She entered my room and sat down on my bed. “Morten, why did you think you needed to lie to me?” she asked. I told her I didn’t know. “That’s not a good enough answer – you will stay here in your room until you’re ready to tell me the truth.”

She got up as if to leave me to stew again but by now the agony of the suspense seemed worse than the prospect of a well-smacked bottom, so I quickly said: “OK!”

Mom sat down on my bed again, and I told her: “I lied because I knew you wouldn’t allow me to play with Jakob as his parents weren’t home.”

She put a finger under my chin to make me look her in the eye as she said: “Morten, the reason Dad and I make rules for you is so we know you are safe. If something bad happened to you and there were no adults to help, it could be very serious. You worried me a lot this afternoon – I didn’t know where you were and I didn’t know if you were safe.”

I really had no response to make but began crying softly. I felt the finger under my chin again. “What happens to children who lie?” I knew the answer to that one. “They get spanked.” “So, I think that’s what better happen right now, don’t you?”

Again, there wasn’t an easy answer to that one. Mom ordered me to stand up and immediately began unfastening my trousers. When these were at my ankles, she paused and looked me in the eye again.

“I know it’s normally Dad who spanks you, and this would be bare bottom for lying, don’t you think?” Tears were flowing steadily now but I managed a nod. “Well, since you are a big boy now, I won’t embarrass you by taking down your underpants if you don’t want me to.” I’m not sure where my reply came from – maybe I wanted to just be a brave boy, or was truly repentant by now, but I said: “No – I think it should be on the bare bottom.”

Mom put her hands on my underpants and carefully eased them away from my bottom and privates and down to join my trousers. I blushed a bit at my mother seeing my penis at that age, but it was only a moment as the next thing I knew, I was being put firmly across her knee and was gazing at the carpet.

I felt her warm hands on my bare bottom for a moment as she adjusted me, then she asked if I was ready. Screwing up my eyes closed, I said ‘yes’ in a very small voice and Mom raised her hand to me for the first time in many years.

I’m not ashamed to say the spanking was painful enough for me to cry like a baby. Mom didn’t spank as hard as my father but she wasn’t far behind, and the spanking itself lasted much longer than I was used to. Normally, Dad would give me my age in smacks but I got around 15 or so sharp slaps across my bare behind.

Mom helped me to my feet and although I didn’t really care that she could see my bottom and genitals she quickly pulled my clothing back into position, then held me in her arms for a few moments while I had a good cry. She told me all was forgiven, but added sternly: “I hope that smacked bottom will make you think twice about telling me a lie ever again!” Of course, I promised to be a truthful boy from then on.

She then revealed the final part of my punishment. “You will stay in your room until it’s dinner time, and after you have eaten, you will be put to bed early to ensure you have learned your lesson.”

It wasn’t too long afterwards that I was tucked up in bed, a still very sore bum humming away in my pyjama pants, and I lay awake for some time, thinking of the spanking I had received, before I finally managed to drift off to sleep.

Contributor: Morten

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