The open gate

My grandfather and grandmother had a farm that my siblings and I visited frequently. One time, when I was 14, I was there with my older brother who was 16 and after feeding the horses we mistakenly left the gate open, causing two of the horses to wander away.

Fortunately, the animals were rounded up again quickly enough but my grandfather was livid that we were so careless – he told us to head for the barn for a ‘taste of the leather’. My brother and I were no strangers to spanking but these were usually from my mother with a hairbrush over the knee. Although we did occasionally feel our father’s belt across our backsides, these punishments were far more rare.

My grandmother accompanied us to the barn and my grandfather picked up a piece of leather strapping that was about 3ft long and 3in wide. We both began to plead and beg not to be spanked but that was not going to go anywhere.

Everything got worse when my grandfather ordered us to strip.  I slowly began to remove my clothes but my brother protested and refused until he heard my grandfather tell him he was going to get a double dose for not cooperating.  When my brother removed his clothes, it was clear why he had been reluctant to undress – he had a huge hard-on that was bobbing up and down.  

Nevertheless, he was made to bend over a couple of bales of hay and my grandfather wasted no time in swinging the strap and hitting him square on the lower butt. My brother immediately jumped up, grabbing his butt and screaming at the top of his lungs. I could see his erection beginning to shrink as he hopped about. 

My grandmother grabbed him by the ear and hauled him back into position, then held his head down as my grandfather raised the strap and again hit his butt with a loud crack.  My brother let out another scream and kicked his legs as his butt turned bright red.  

My brother got a total of 32 whacks – two for each year of age. When the strapping was done, he just crumpled on the floor, bawling his eyes out and trembling with a fire in his ass.  My grandmother took him and made him stand by the wall as I was put into position.  

By this time, I was already bawling mess and my grandfather handed the strap to my grandmother.  The first stroke of the leather was just mind boggling – it hurt so bad I could not even scream, but just gasped. The second stroke made me scream and kick my legs in agony. 

I am not sure what exactly which stroke but toward the end of my strapping I lost control of my bladder and pissed myself.  My grandmother merely said that it showed I was learning my lesson and continued until I got 14 swats.  I could barely stand, but when told I picked up my clothes and shuffled my way back to the house.

Before I left, I saw my brother was erect again and his penis was bobbing up and down.  For his ‘insulting display’, as my grandparents put it, he got two extra swats of the strap and was crying so hard it was difficult for him to make his way back to the house.

My butt was deep red and sore for over a day but it was apparent that my brother was in worse shape as he grimaced every time he sat down for at least a couple of days. From that day on we never left a gate open again.

Contributor: Ericka

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