Living the RV life

When I was in my mid 20s, I became fascinated by the nomadic lifestyle of the RV (recreational) vehicle folks – I had this image in my head of plain-spoken people who might have work blue collar jobs and be very direct in their mannerisms.

Of course, what I eventually found was that these people were really no different than any other community – there were all kinds of folks with different temperaments, interests and pastimes.

In the course of getting acquainted with the RV community, I had hooked up with a pretty lady named Abby, who was slightly older than me, though she had no children of her own. She was sweet and we got on very well.

One thing Abby did have a bee in her bonnet about, however, was two middle-aged women who were living together in a nearby vehicle, along with their combined children. Looking back, I guess they were lesbian partners.

Anyway, my girlfriend would often complain that the two women always seemed to be spanking their kids for some reason or another. I have to say that whenever this was mentioned, the thought of those children being dealt with by their mothers invariably caused a tent in the front of my pants.

So it was that one evening, I decided to stay up late some nights on the off-chance that I might hear, or even see, one of the kids getting a spanking.

Both women were quite tall, with large breasts and thick thighs. They would invariably wear sandals or go totally barefoot most of the time. My favourite of the two was a lady named Loren – she was heavier-set than her partner and had a lap I would have adored being turned over.

On this particular day, Loren was sitting in front of her vehicle when her partner Sylvia came towards her, dragging one of the boys by the ear. His name was Byron and he was 13 at the time.

As he walked, Sylvia landed swats on the seat of his pants. I got the impression Sylvia was bringing him over to Loren to deal with because she felt too angry with him herself – Loren, it always seemed to me, was the more soft-hearted of the two women.

Byron’s crime, it transpired was that he had snuck out of the RV and was discovered drinking beer with a friend of his, who himself was only a year older.

To my surprise, instead of turning Byron over her knee, Loren sat him down on it. She patiently explained that drinking under-age was not the right thing to do, and that both he and his ‘moms’ could get into big trouble if he did.

Then came a flashpoint. Loren demanded to know how he and the other boy had managed to get access to that beer. Presumably driven by loyalty, Byron refused to say.

That was enough for Loren. She stood the boy up, then quickly took down his pants and underwear and placed him bare-bottomed across her knee.

The spanking which followed was long and thorough but I’m not sure how painful it was. Byron was certainly crying but not to the point of toddler-style bawling, which I’d expected. I suppose he was pretty used to feeling Loren’s hand on his bare behind.

For her own part, Loren spanked steadily and methodically but did not seem overly angry with the boy. Perhaps she had been almost hoping that Byron would show loyalty to whoever got him that beer, take his punishment like a big boy and learn his lesson – which he did.

I was only yards away from the action as she reddened his bottom for him, and my dick was straining against the front of my jeans as I watched the boy get his punishment.

Loren eventually let him up off her knee and he skipped, bottom still bare, back into the RV. At this point Loren looked over at me. She had noticed me watching her give the spanking, and perhaps even noted my erection – I don’t know.

“Naughty boys have to be spanked so they grow up to be good husbands and fathers,” she said, her face quite serious and stern. “Did you ever drink under-age?” I confessed that I had my first when I was just 15 years old. “I’ll bet you never got spanked for it either, boy,” Loren shot back, a wry grin on her face.

At that, we both returned to our vehicles. Abby was awake when I got into bed and I gave her a good fucking, which we both enjoyed immensely – though I’m not sure she realised the spark behind my enormous hard-on as I went to work on her.

Contributor: John

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