Southern values

When I was 23, I went to North Carolina for a short visit with my mom’s cousin Lois – and it was during this stay that I became aware that, generally speaking, southerners are a lot more conservative in their values, particularly when it came to such matters as their children’s behaviour.

At the time, Lois’s eldest son David had only recently turned 13. He was quite a big boy for his age, already around 6ft tall, and played football for his school.

Nevertheless, none of that seemed to make any difference to Lois, who frequently scolded David and openly talked about spanking him if he misbehaved.

I never thought that the threats would come to anything – as I said, he was already a big boy. However, I noted the utmost respect he showed to his mother. David never once talked back to her, as I had many times with my own mom at that age. He didn’t even argue in the slightest.

As I say, I never though anything would come of those threats – until one memorable day. I don’t know exactly what had happened, but David must have done something to make his Mom mad. I was coming out of my bedroom one afternoon when I heard the unmistakeable sound (to me, who had plenty of it as a kid) of a belt being whipped against bare skin.

The sound seemed to be coming from the bathroom, and as I passed by, I saw. There was David, bent over the tub and getting his bare behind torn up by his mom, who was half his size.

Lois was evidently making a good job of the whipping – David’s bottom was already very red and he was crying like a little boy, begging his mom: “Please…no more!”

David must have been given at least 30 strokes of that belt, and as I watched and listened to the spanking surreptitiously from just outside the door, I felt myself getting a hard-on in my underpants.

When she was finally done, Lois gathered up her son in her arms just like a naughty little child, and she hugged and forgave him, just as my own mother had always done with me when she spanked me.

It was at that moment that Lois became aware that I had been watching the show. She looked up at me, smiled and said: “He’s been asking for that whipping the whole weekend – I guess he thought I wouldn’t do it while you were visiting, but I won’t stand for backchat from my kids.”

I don’t know whether or not Lois noticed the rather obvious bulge in the front of my pants, but she continued: “Your mom used to whip your bottom good when you were a naughty little boy, didn’t she?” I nodded mutely, blushing and not knowing what to say, but thinking about all the memorable spankings I had received from my mother.

I went back to my room and masturbated as I replayed David’s whipping in my head, eventually coming heavily into a tissue.

When I got back to New York, I told my girlfriend what I had witnessed and to my delight she offered to re-enact David’s spanking, with me as the miscreant and her as the strict mom.

She took me into the bedroom, took down my pants and undies and whipped me soundly, before opening her legs and giving me perhaps the best fuck I’ve ever experienced.

Contributor: John

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