Whipped in the schoolyard

When I was nine years old and in 4th grade, I gave my mother a serious scare one day which resulted in a humiliating public spanking.

It came about because I stayed in the playground after school, messing about with some other kids, and by the time anything happened I was already more than two hours late home. Some of the other parents who were there with their kids did ask me where my mom was, but I just lied and said she was on her way to pick me up.

Back at home, meanwhile, my mother was frantic and ready to call the police – but her closest girlfriend, a woman named Ruby, suggested that I was probably just still at the playground. She offered to drive Mom there to see if her theory was right.

I broke off from my playing when I saw Ruby’s car pull up and my mother climb out of it. As she approached the playground entrance I got scared and ran in the opposite direction. I was sure that she was about to beat me in front of all of the other kids and their moms.

Mom screamed at me to bring my behind back to the park, but I just stood at what I thought was a safe distance. What actually happened next was that all the other mothers sent their kids running after me to bring me back.

Pretty soon, I was being dragged back to the playground to face my mother while the kids laughed and the other parents cheered. Once she had me in front of her, Mom scolded me harshly. Then she removed my belt from my trousers and both them and my underpants down, baring my behind.

Mom told the other parents that I was going to be spanked for not coming straight home from school, and then running away from her. The moms nodded approvingly but the kids were aghast at the punishment I was to be given – I guess it reminded them of discipline in their own homes.

All I knew was that these many onlookers were getting a good view of my bare bottom and genitals. Mom sat down on a low wall, put me across her lap and swung that belt again and again across my backside until I was limp like a rag doll and crying my eyes out.

When she at last stopped the whipping, she sat me up on her lap – my red behind still bare for all to see. “You are never, ever to stay at the school yard again, do you hear?” I nodded through my tears. “When I get you home, you are going into the corner with your behind still bare. So there’s no need to pull up those pants! Come along!”

Mom said goodbye to everyone as she led me back to Ruby’s car. I was an unsteady walk as my trousers and underpants were still around my ankles. I’m sure many of the parents there used the opportunity for a teaching moment for their own child. As I climbed unsteadily into the car, Mom added the final indignity of a couple of hard slaps to my backside.

Fortunately, I wasn’t spanked again at home but, as promised, I had to do 15 minutes in the corner before I was finally allowed to restore my modesty.

Contributor: John

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