The second spanking

I was mostly a pretty good boy in school – but I was a normal kid and, as such, I did get into trouble from time to time. Sometimes I talked too much in class, which could earn you a quick and informal spank on the behind from the teacher.

The only time I got into really big trouble was at eight years old, with a classmate named Darryl. Darryl was the owner of a small, harmless snake, and one day we conspired together to bring it into school. We concealed it in the coat closet and awaited the uproar when it was found.

Sure enough, one of the girls went to the closet during the lesson to retrieve her handkerchief, saw the snake and screamed her head off. Miss Green, our teacher, came running over to see what the matter was. She saw at once that the snake was a harmless one, and asked whose it was.

That was when Darryl realised there was a big flaw in our prank. If he wanted his snake back (and, of course, he did), he would need to own up to it being his – and therefore there was no doubt as to who had put it in the closet. Rather shame-faced, he admitted putting it there.

“And was this all your idea, Darryl?” Miss Green asked. Nothing loathe to land me in trouble too, Darryl pointed at me.

Miss Green just said: “I see.” She found a small glass tank to put the snake in – then, to our amazement, she did an entire lesson on snakes and reptiles. Darryl and I were pleasantly surprised – we thought we were off the hook.

Wrong! As the bell went for recess, Miss Green said: “Darryl and John, stay behind please. The rest of you may go.” After the other kids had filed out, Miss Green turned to us with a stern look on her face. “I suppose you thought that was funny, boys? Let’s see how funny you both think a spanking is. Come out here to my desk.

We stepped forward. I let out a little fart from the fear. “Darryl, you can be first. Bend over my desk.” My friend obeyed and Miss Green pulled the waistband of Darryl’s shorts up so that the seat of his pants was tight and smooth over his bottom. Then she gave him 10 hard swats with her hand. Then it was my turn. Same routine – bend over the desk, clothing tightened on the seat, 10 hard swats.

Both Darryl and I cried – even though we had only been spanked across the seat of our shorts, Miss Green had a strong arm and a good hard hand.

She helped us to wipe our wet faces with a box of tissues. You could tell she wasn’t really mad, but had to do her duty as she saw it – and that duty happened to be warming the bottoms of two naughty little boys!

Eventually, she dismissed Darryl but kept me behind. By now, although my bottom was still buzzing from the smacks she had given me, there was a pleasant warmth in my underpants and to my embarrassment I could feel an erection forming at the front. Miss Green looked straight at my groin, so I know she saw what was happening.

Then she said: “John, this isn’t the first time this month that I’ve had to speak to you about your behaviour. You know, I think you have a bare bottom spanking coming. I think that is what your mom would want for you in these circumstances, and I also I think it will do you a lot of good.

“After school lets out, stay back and we’ll get this over and done with, OK?” I was too dumbstruck to argue, and could only nod my head. She smacked my bottom again lightly and sent me out to play.

I spent the afternoon fighting the opposing forces of fear and stimulation, the latter given away by the waxing and waning hard-on in my undies. I didn’t understand it, but it felt like I was in love with Miss Green. She was a fairly recently qualified teacher, with long brown hair, generous boobs and beautiful hazel eyes.

The bell rang, and all the children packed up their things. “You coming?” Darryl asked. I shook my head. “She says I have to stay behind.” My friend rolled his eyes in sympathy.

Once the classroom had emptied, I was called to the front again. As soon as I got to her desk, Miss Green went down on her haunches and quickly took down my pants and underwear. Having bared my bottom, she once again ordered me to bend over her desk.

I obeyed, and saw with alarm that she was opening a drawer of the desk and taking out the punishment belt. This was the school’s ‘big gun’, reserved for extremely naughty children, and I knew of only two kids in the entire current cohort who had felt it. I began to cry and begged Miss Green not to whip me.

With a stoney face, Miss Green brought the belt down on the desk several times, with tremendous force, just in front of my head. Each time the leather hit the wood, it might as well have been hitting my bare bottom because my tears and bawling redoubled. Then, she put the belt down on the desk carefully and I felt her warm hand gently cup my bare behind.

She whispered in my ear. “Next time, I will you beat you thoroughly with the belt on your bare behind, understand?” I nodded. Then her voice softened: “For this time, though, sweetheart, get up and come across my lap.”

I stood up shakily and Miss Green sat down on her chair and drew me to her. Despite the fright she had given me, I was by now once again erect, and had quite an impressive penis for a little boy. Miss Green put me carefully across her knee, opening her legs a little so my little stiffy could hang down between.

Then she raised her hand and my second spanking began. The first five or six swats were really hard, but after that she went easier on me. I probably got about 25 more moderate swats on my bare behind, which nevertheless still made me cry.

Once the punishment was over, Miss Green helped me pull up my clothes, then sat me on her lap and rocked and shushed me like I was a baby. I cuddled close to her soft, warm bosom. Although my bottom was stinging hard, I felt nothing but love for her.

Presently, she took the belt up off the desk and allowed me to examine it properly. It looked unrelenting and something to be truly feared. Then Miss Green whispered in my ear again: “Remember, sweetheart, it will be this across your bare bottom next time.” I shuddered but she hugged me tight and added: “Except, there won’t need to be a ‘next time’, right darling?” I nodded vigorously.

“Good boy. Now, get yourself home.” She dismissed me with another gentle smack to my rear end and I walked home with some trepidation. I had no doubt at all that my mother would have been informed of my misbehaviour and that a third tanning awaited me back at the house.

However, when I got home, Mom seemed totally oblivious that it had been anything other than a normal school day for me. She smiled as she made supper and I went to bed bewildered but happy. My bottom was still quite a dark shade of pink (I checked myself out in my bedroom mirror after supper) but luckily I was now at the age when Mom trusted me to bath myself.

At school the next day, I stayed behind after recess of my own accord, and shyly asked Miss Green why she hadn’t called my mother. She took both of my hands in hers and said: “Well, sweetie, I thought you’d learned your lesson – and I couldn’t stand the thought of that cute little bottom of yours getting spanked for a third time.”

She gave me a hug, which produced another erection out of nowhere. I walked away out to play, hoping that Miss Green hadn’t noticed my little tent again – but I bet she had.

Contributor: John

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