A plantation spanking

The following is an extract from The Memoirs of Dolly Morton – a pornographic novel first published in 1899 under the pseudonym Jean de Villiot. The book relates Dolly’s journey to the American South to help with the Underground Railroad, where she is captured and forced to be the mistress of a plantation owner.

Warning: the following text reflects the social norms of the time of its publication.

I was fond of reading out of doors in fine weather, and, one bright afternoon, taking a book, I set off to a secluded part of the grounds where there was a little pond full of beautiful water-lilies and surrounded by flowering shrubs of various sorts.

On the bank of the pond was a creeper-covered summer house, furnished with a couple of long, softly-cushioned chairs and a small, round table. The floor was covered with Chinese matting. It was a comfortable little place and a favourite resort of mine.

On approaching the pond, I saw two children busily engaged in throwing stones at something struggling in the water. I knew the children; they lived in the house; they were brother and sister, their mother being a fine mulatto woman named Margaret, who was one of the kitchen maids, and, since both the boy and the girl were quadroons, their father, whoever he was, must have been a white man.

The boy was eleven years old, the girl 13. They had no business at the pond at all, and I expected to see them run away when they caught sight of me, but they were so absorbed in what they were doing that they did not notice my approach.

When I had got closer to the pond, I saw that the object which they were stoning was a kitten, which, as soon as it had managed to struggle to the shore, they threw back into the water again to be a target for their stones.

I am very fond of all animals, especially cats, and any cruelty to a dumb creature always makes my blood boil. So, feeling very angry, I rushed down to the edge of the water and, picking up the half-drowned kitten when it had again managed to reach the shore, I placed it on the bank, hoping that the poor thing would recover. But the creature had been injured by the stones; it was at its last gasp, and in a few seconds it was dead.

I now was more angry than ever, and, going to the two children, who had not attempted to run away – not that flight would have saved them – I took them by the hand and led them into the summer house, intending to give them both a good spanking.

They were slaves and belonged to the house. Therefore they were under my authority. And, as I have said before, I think that all children need corporal punishment at times. In my opinion, the two children who had stoned the kitten to death richly deserved a whipping for their gross cruelty – the girl especially, for she was old enough to have known better, and it was she who had led her little brother into mischief.

I scolded the young wretches heartily, winding up by telling them that I was going to give them both a good spanking. They did not appear to be very much frightened, but stood staring at me with their large brown eyes without saying a word. I suppose both often had been spanked before, and I knew that, three weeks before, the girl had been well beaten by Dinah, by order of Randolph, for pilfering.

Sitting down upon a chair, I took off my slippers, then told the boy to come to me. He at once obeyed my order. I never had spanked a child, but I remembered the position in which my father used to place me for punishment, so, seizing the boy I laid him across my knees. Then I unbuttoned his trousers, pulled them down to his calves, and tucked up his shirt, laying bare his posteriors.

I gazed at the chubby little bottom laying upturned on my lap and passed my hand two or three times over the smooth olive-tinted skin. Then a desire came over me to feel the member of a boy his age – and, slipping my hand under his belly, I took hold of his little ‘thing’, which felt like a thick, warm worm.

Having satisfied my curiosity, I proceeded to business. Holding him down with my left arm over his loins, I applied the slipper smartly to his plump little bottom, each, smack leaving a red mark on his skin and extracting a howl from him.

He kicked up his heels and wriggled about, squealing lustily and trying to roll off my lap. But, holding him tightly, I spanked away steadily until the whole surface of his bottom was red. Then I stopped and placed him kneeling on the floor, with his trousers down and his bottom turned towards me, telling him not to move till I gave him permission. He did not attempt to stir but remained where I had put him, crying loudly, his fists in his eyes. His little red buttocks shook with the sobs.

While I had been spanking the boy, his sister had looked on with a perfectly unmoved countenance, and when I told her to come to me she did so without hesitation. Taking hold of her, I placed her in position, saying to myself that I would make her show some signs of feeling before I was done with her.

I whisked up her short and scanty garments, at once baring her bottom (for she wore no drawers). Everything she had on was perfectly clean. Though the girl was only a little over 13 years of age, she was remarkably well developed.

Before taking her up, I had noticed that her bosom was already showing a slight swell under her thin bodice and now, upon looking at her bottom, I was quite astonished at its size. It was well-shaped, too. The plump, firm cheeks stood out in rounded curves; her thighs also were fairly well rounded, and she had good legs for so young a girl. Her skin was soft and smooth and of a pretty olive tint.

Putting my hand under her, I touched the ‘spot’ and, finding that there was a good deal of downy hair on it, I felt pretty sure that the girl had come to puberty. (Quadroons, and, in fact, all females with negro blood in their veins become marriageable at an early age.)

I began to spank her, laying the slipper with considerable force, making her wince and writhe. She bore several smacks in silence, then bursting into tears, she began to squeal and kick, at the same time putting both hands behind her to shield her bottom from the hot slaps.

Catching hold of her wrists, I held them tightly with my left hand and went on spanking her. She wriggled and twisted, and she bounced and bawled. Her olive skin grew redder and redder every moment, while the summer house echoed with her shrill squeals and with the smacking noise made by the slipper as it struck her bottom, the flesh of which was as firm and elastic as possible.

I felt no pity for the cruel little girl. Quite oblivious to her cries and entreaties for mercy, I gave her the soundest spanking she ever had had. When the punishment was over, her bottom, from the loins to the thighs, was a dark red colour.

Now I made her kneel beside her brother and hold her petticoats above her waist. Then I put on my slipper and leaned back in the chair, taking breath after my exertions, which had been considerable. While resting, I looked at the red marks of my handiwork on the children’s bottoms. The boy had ceased crying, but he still sobbed at intervals, while the girl, who must have been smarting dreadfully, wailed aloud.

After a short time, I told them that they might go, and they at once stood up, tears trickling down their cheeks, the girl letting her petticoats fall and the boy buttoning up his trousers. Then they slunk out of the summer house and went off home.

Feeling quite a glow of satisfaction at having punished the naughty children, I made myself comfortable, with my legs up on the chair, and began to read the novel which I had brought with me.

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