Two sore bottoms at church

When my oldest child Rebecca was 10 years old, she and her closest friend Mary decided one Sunday that they didn’t particularly want to pay attention to junior worship and would rather chat and giggle and generally disrupt everyone else.

By the time main church service ended and I headed downstairs to pick my daughter up, both girls were standing with their noses against a wall.

Mary’s father and I both went to the people leading junior worship that day – a pair of college-age students – and they filled us in on their girls’ misbehaviour.

I was frankly mortified that my daughter had been so naughty, and was determined both to correct her behaviour and make sure the two youth leaders understood that I took them seriously, and was not going to tolerate them being disrespected.

I said to the leaders: “Thank you for letting me no about this. Now, I’m going to take her into that small room behind the youth hall and blister her bottom. You are very welcome to come with us and observe Rebecca’s punishment.”

Mary’s father, who by now had arrived to pick up his own daughter, nodded his head in approval and said: “I reckon that what’s good for one of them is good for the other.”

The six of us – two disappointed parents, two college kids who had had a stressful morning and two naughty young ladies – went into the room and closed the door behind us.

The children were beginning to look rather scared, and somewhat contrite, but I was determined to make an example of them, as was Mary’s father.

I took a wooden hairbrush from my purse, just as my own mother had done many times to deal with me, while Mary’s father rolled up the sleeve of his spanking arm.

Both girls were quickly across parental laps, their dresses raised and panties lowered, and two long, hard bare bottom spankings echoed across the room for several minutes.

When us parents finally decided our children’s bottoms were adequately red and sore, the girls were made to tearfully apologise for their behaviour.

As we left, I heard Mary’s dad say to her: “That’s nothing, young lady! My belt is waiting for your backside back home.” That was enough for me to promise Rebecca another spanking at bedtime, and when that time came I had no hesitation in taking down her pyjama pants to expose her still pink and sore bottom to add another layer of colour with the brush.

Both children never behaved anything but impeccably in church after that.

Contributor: Janice

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