Cooling off, warming up

Growing up in the 60s and 70s, I – along with many other boys and girls – was brought up with spankings from my parents, from a young age until they finished in my late teens.

All of my spankings at home, whether from Mum or Dad, were always given on my bare bottom. My mum’s choice of implement was generally the wooden spoon or hairbrush, while my dad always spanked with either his hand or the slipper.

Sometimes, while staying over with any of my cousins, I would also be spanked by my aunts or uncles. One of my favourite cousins growing up was Jenny. We were really close in age, me being just a couple of months older. Jenny was just such a lovely girl and so much fun to hang out with. She was what you would call a typical tomboy, and would often get into trouble herself – which invariably resulted in her getting spanked by either her mum or dad.

This story is about a memorable occasion, when I was 10 and Jenny was approaching the same landmark, when we both ended up getting a spanking from my uncle. I had been staying with the family for a week over the school holidays.

This particularly day was extraordinarily hot. Fortunately, there was an open-air swimming pool very close to the family home – and Jenny and I really wanted to go and swim in it to cool down. However, we were not supposed to go to the pool unsupervised, and the only adult around to do that was my uncle – and he was currently asleep in his bedroom, having just come off a night shift.

We decided to risk it and go anyway. We sneaked into the house together quietly and went into Jenny’s bedroom. Once there, we put our swimwear on under the shorts and tops we were both wearing that day. We found a towel each and in them put clean underwear to change into once we were done swimming – we thought we were being really clever!

We had a great time splashing around at the pool, and even met up with some friends there. After about two hours, I said to Jenny: “We’d better go now.” We went into the changing rooms and headed home, eager to get back before my uncle woke up and noticed us missing from the back garden. 

On arriving back, we were both shocked to find that my uncle was up early. He heard us both come into the garden through the front gate and on entering the house, we were both called to the living room.

We could see by the look on my uncle’s face just how angry he was with us both. He told us that a neighbour had seen us both at the pool having fun, and had been surprised he had let us go there. Of course, we had not had any such permission, and we both hung our heads in shame as we were both soundly scolded.

Then my uncle said: “There’s only one punishment for this, and that is a very hard spanking for you both. Go upstairs to Jenny’s bedroom and wait there for me!”

We headed upstairs and waited for my uncle to arrive – the wait seemed like an age but in fact it was only probably 10 minutes or so. While we waited for her dad, Jenny said to me: “We’re both going to get one hell of a spanking for this, for sure.” I felt my stomach turn over.

When my uncle finally entered the bedroom, he had one of his slippers in his hand. I had been slippered before by my uncle, so I knew only too well just what our little bottoms would be looking like and feeling like soon. 

My uncle sat down on the edge of Jenny’s bed and called her daughter towards him. “Take off your top and shorts,” he ordered, and she obeyed. I had seen Jenny in just her knickers quite a few times before, and she had seen me in just underpants on numerous occasions, so we were not shy of undressing in front of each other.

With Jenny by now just in her knickers, her dad pulled her closer to him and pulled her undies all the way down to her ankles. Jenny was then told to bend over his dad’s knee and he gave her around 15 really hard whacks of the slipper. During the spanking, as the fire grew in Jenny’s little bare bottom, she kicked off her knickers, leaving her completely naked.

After her own spanking, Jenny was made to stand up and watch me getting mine. Again, the order came: “Take off your shorts and tops, and come here to me.”

I walked over to where my uncle was sitting, knowing that my own bottom would be on fire all too soon. As he had done with my cousin, my uncle pulled my underpants all the way down to my ankles and over his knee I went for my slippering. I got the same number of whacks that Jenny had just got and my own small bottom must have been as red as hers. I also ended up naked as I too kicked off my pants as the spanking became just too much to bear.

Still in our birthday suits, my uncle put us both to face the wall and said: “Stay there, and don’t you dare move until I tell you to!”

We both cried a bit more and stood there – rubbing our sore, red behinds – for about half an hour until my uncle returned. “Put your underwear back on and get into bed,” he instructed. “If either of you leaves this room for any reason other than the toilet, you’ll be getting another hiding!”

We put our pants back on and got into Jenny’s bed together, comforting each other as we were both still crying. I’m sure all the wriggling and bawling we had done during our spankings had exhausted us, as we quickly fell asleep for some time.

Contributor: David

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