A spanking for confidence

Over the years, my husband has occasionally threatened to smack my bottom. It usually leads to a bit of a chase, ending with a playful smack or three and invariably sex! It was a more common occurrence before the children arrived. However, even now, with the children away from home, I’m kept on my toes. It’s fun, and it always leads to sex – it’s a win-win!

It therefore came as no surprise for me to learn that my husband is a reader of your site. He teases me and warns me he is getting ideas on how best to spank his naughty wife! However, this letter is not about our sex life, but about our eldest son Stephen. I thought that the rather unorthodox method I chanced upon to help Stephen overcome his shyness might interest some Maman readers.

Stephen had a habit of disappearing when he was younger. It was his way of asking for help. One afternoon, he asked for help in his usual way – he found a quiet place and stressed himself out. He was nearly 13 at the time, which is, as we all know, a difficult time for most boys. Unfortunately, Stephen was cursed with crippling shyness and blushed at the slightest thing. I felt for him and would have done anything to help. 

On this particular day, my husband found Stephen in our shed, doing nothing. He turned down the opportunity to go to the park with his dad and younger brother to watch the model boats. Usually, he would jump at the chance, so I knew trouble was brewing.

I walked outside and found my son, put my arm around him and walked him back to the house. Stephen was stressed and angry. I encouraged him to talk – which was no easy task, I can tell you. It turned out he was angry with himself for being so shy.

A day earlier, Stephen had been at a friend’s house with several other boys. It was an impromptu get-together. At one point, the boy who lived at the house happened to be bending over the arm of a sofa – struggling to plug some gadget into a socket – when his mother entered the room.

Finding her son’s bottom stuck up in the air, she put her finger to her lips and sneaked up on him. She then wrapped her arm around his waist and smacked his bum briskly several times. All the boys laughed, as they couldn’t see their friend – but they could hear his vocal protesting from behind the sofa. When he emerged, his face was red from both embarrassment and laughing.

Mum then announced that she had enjoyed that very much, and if any other boy would like his bottom smacked, let her know! According to Stephen, another boy raised his hand and volunteered for a spanking. I suspect he didn’t think she serious, but the gang of then encouraged the mother to carry out her threat, so she did. She put the boy across her knee and smacked his bottom right in front of them. It was, by the sound of it, all good fun.

The volunteer kicked his legs and waved his arms around, pretending to be suffering a sound spanking. The woman played the part of a strict mum and warned that if any other boy was ‘naughty’, he could expect the same.

When he was released, her volunteer laughed and told his mates it didn’t hurt. The mother invited him to come back for more but unsurprisingly, he declined the offer.

As I say, they all had a great laugh. The boy suffered no harm from his fun, fully clothed ‘spanking’. Then, as there were no further ‘volunteers’, the mother left the boys alone to play. 

Stephen paused as he related this story to me. Here was the root cause of his trouble – Stephen admitted to me that he had desperately wanted to volunteer but being so shy, by the time he had summoned up the courage, the moment had long passed.

Now, I am a woman of the world, but I admit I did raise an eyebrow! When I asked Stephen why he wanted to volunteer for a smacked bum, he shrugged his shoulders and just said: “It looked like fun!” Which is fair enough – as I stated earlier, I am no stranger to a smacked bottom myself. 

I had always thought that building Stephen’s confidence was the way to cure his shyness. I often praised him with this in mind. I would do simple things, like keeping the tomato sauce out of his reach at the table. Stephen would have to ask for it or go without sauce – little things to help build his confidence.

So I told my son that if he really wanted to try a smacked bottom for fun, all he had to do was ask. I told him straight: “Look me in the eye and ask – and I will.”

I sat back, smiled – and waited. It was painful to watch Stephen struggle with his shyness. He mumbled something almost incoherent. Although I hated to do it, I employed a ‘tough love’ strategy – I repeated myself, and insisted he ask me clearly for a smacked bottom. “Once you do, I will put you across my knee and spank you.|

For a few moments, he fought his demons, and his face was the colour of beetroot – more like the expression of a boy who had just had a good spanking rather than asking for one voluntarily. For my own part, I was so frustrated and desperate for my son to overcome his shyness. It was such a struggle for him, I could have cried.

Finally, Stephen looked me in the eye and asked me to smack his bottom, just like his friend’s mum had done that day. I replied: “Absolutely not. No, never!”

Well, his face was a picture. I kept him waiting a few seconds and then smiled. He melted! You could feel the relief. He realised I was teasing him.

“Well done, Stephen!” I said. “Now, as a reward, I’m going to smack that bottom of yours soundly!” His face was beyond scarlet by now, but there was a smile too! I was pleased he had found the confidence, painful as it was to watch.

I pulled my chair out to make room – and you should have seen his face when I told him to undo his jeans! My son suddenly found his voice (I was thrilled that he actually showed a little dissent) and protested that the boy’s mum had smacked with trousers up. I told him I was his mother, and I only smack with jeans down!

Reluctantly, Stephen dropped his jeans – honestly, the poorlad didn’t know where to look. “Come on, then!” I said. Stephen shuffled closer to me, his face by now as red as it could possibly go. He settled himself over my lap, and I adjusted him a little, making sure his bottom was nice and high.

I took his ‘protecting’ hand and held that in the small of his back – not that I thought he would try to stop the smacks, it was more a case of holding his hand. Reassurance maybe? Also, I always find it comforting when my husband holds my hand to spank me.

I patted his bum over his underwear. “Having fun?” I asked. “Yes, Mum,” came a quiet voice from the other side of my lap. “Can’t hear you!” I said – re-enforcing it with a firm smack. “Yes, Mum!” came the much clearer reply this time. “Good – me too!” I said. And I was!

As I began spanking Stephen slowly over his underwear, I pretended to scold him. I reminded him he had volunteered for this, and now he knew how it felt to be put across his mum’s knee!

He lay perfectly still while I smacked him, though he did say a few times that he was sorry he had been ‘naughty’. I was so happy that he was trying to express himself. We had a conversation for a while in this position – I asked Stephen to promise me he would come and talk to me if he was troubled.

We laughed together as I demanded he promise to be a good boy, all the time building his confidence. If Stephen mumbled, I gave him a harder smack or two – it seemed to work. After a firm smack, he spoke loudly and clearly!

After a bit, I asked him whether he would like me to stop. I reminded him he had wanted to know how a spanking felt, and if he still wanted to find out more, he had to ask – I made it clear that his answer must be loud and clear.

I waited, then Stephen asked me if I could smack his bottom a bit more because it was fun. Clearly, my method of a hard smack to encourage a more confident reply had worked. He was learning.

I let go of his hand and adjusted myself a bit, then I pulled his underpants up tight into a wedgie to expose his bare bottom. I gave him around 20 real zingers. Stephen hissed, clenched his bum and even grabbed my ankle at one point – but, more importantly, he laughed. He laughed like I had not heard him laugh in years.

I felt I had made a real breakthrough in the shyness battle. After the smacks on his bare bottom, I asked Stephen if it had been like he had expected? “Yes, Mum,” he replied. “It did sting, but it was still fun.” I bet his bottom did sting, too – my hand was starting to sting too!

I let him up, and the frustrated shy boy I had put across my knee grinned at me – he had clearly thoroughly enjoyed the experience. We both laughed when I told him his face was redder than his bum! It was so wonderful to see him smile and hear him laugh. I told him how happy it made me to see him fight the shyness. I emphasised that if he built his confidence, the blushing would reduce and eventually disappear.

Stephen stood there, rubbing his bum. As I put the chair back, I said: “All you have to do is ask – and ye shall receive!” I gave him a quick hug and a kiss on the forehead. I told him I loved him, but if he didn’t pull those jeans up, I’d smack his bottom again – I can tell you, he whipped them up pretty smartish.

From that moment on, there was a marked improvement in Stephen’s confidence. He had learned that to overcome his shyness, he needed to build his confidence. When he did, he would get a reward. OK – in this case his reward was a spanking – but he did ask for it! 

Over the following three or four years, I used the threat of another spanking to make him laugh when things got tough. I recognised the signs when he was struggling with a problem. I would sit with him and say: “I’ll give you 20 seconds to tell me what’s wrong – or else!” and pat my knee. Invariably he would smile, and cracks would appear in the dam.

Stephen still blushes from time to time, but he is more confident and outgoing these days, and I am very proud of him. He has a good job and a close group of friends. Our other son is the complete opposite! Jack the Lad, cocky as you like.

I will close by saying that hubby will almost certainly be smacking my bottom if this account is published – lucky me!

Contributor: Kate

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