The alternative report

After my experiences over both my mum’s knee, and that of my Aunt Jean, I was fully expecting spanking to play a more prominent role in my day-to-day discipline than it had before. But strangely, it didn’t happen like that.

I had had a spanking from my mother, which stung but was really in fun, then a more serious tanning from Aunt Jean, which had most definitely hurt my boyish bottom! To be honest, I could not for the life of me work out how these things worked!

One day, I walked across a clean floor in my dirty football boots. Mum was clearly very cross with me, and I was given a mop and a bucket and told to clean the floor myself. Mum watched me and gave instructions as I worked. I fully expected a trip across her knee when I had finished the floor to her satisfaction, but it never materialised. And I would have to wait some time to get another taste of my mother’s hand – and, like the time before, it was more in fun than anything.

One thing I’m sure everyone remembers from their childhood is walking home with their school report. Back in the ‘good old days’, many a sore bottom was the result of having a less than flattering report. However, this isn’t one of those stories – it’s the end of the school term, I’m still 12 and this report was average to good.

When I got home, I took off my coat and shoes and then Mum appeared. She had her hands on her hips in a mock-stern manner. “I do believe it’s school report day!” she said. I nodded, not unduly concerned given its contents. “Well, young man, let’s have it, right now!” She pulled up a chair and crossed her legs. “I’m waiting, Lee!”

I pulled the report card out of my bag and as I handed it over to my mother, she took the card and one hand and – completely taking me by surprised – used the other hand to pull me forward and across her knee, into the position familiar to many a naughty child. “Hey!” I exclaimed – I was genuinely shocked.

Mum chuckled. “I believe this is the most appropriate position to read a report card!” She was clearly messing with me. I hung there over her knee – looking back under the chair, I could see my socks. I relaxed and let my arms and legs flop. Mum patted the seat of my school trousers as she perused the report.

“Right, let me see, how’s my naughty son been behaving in school?””Hmm… Oh, dear!” She tutted. “Oh, it’s far worse than I expected – truly awful!” Mum patted my bum continually as she read aloud a whole load of made-up nonsense about poor results, bad attitude. One fake teacher’s comment ended: “Lee is in dire need of at least ten minutes across his mother’s knee! Perhaps a good old fashioned spanking will improve his behaviour.”

“Oh Lee,” Mum said mockingly, “how disappointing!”

By now I was now laughing – close to full, giggling territory, desperately complaining and telling Mum she was making it all up. I demanded she let me back up – not that I wanted her to, you understand. In fact, I was thoroughly enjoying myself!

“Dear oh dear, Lee!” she said. Then the smacks came. Slowly, firmly, and well spaced out as she mock-scolded me. I’m sure Mum had planned all this, and for me it was so much fun! I wriggled about, complained bitterly but hoped it would last for an hour!

Mum finished with a flurry of good hard smacks that stung my bottom effectively even through my trousers. “Now, let that be a lesson to you, you naughty boy!” She laughed as she tried to scold me.

Sadly for me, Mum then put me back on my feet. “Now, go change out of that uniform, and move that bag and those shoes. Hurry up, before I forget myself and take a wooden spoon to your bare bottom!” I was helped on my way by two last smacks.

Mum then carried on for the rest of the afternoon and evening as if nothing had happened but it left me thoroughly excited, especially the threat of the spoon. I masturbated several times and nearly wore my little penis out.

Contributor: Lee

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