Hot hand for hot bottoms

I have been viewing online spanking content since the late 1990s and I find your site to be one of the best. My name is Marla and I grew up in Sheffield during the 1950s. In those days, almost every child got thrashed from time to time, but my mother had a different method to most. 

Rather than the ‘grab-whack-release’ method  or the dreaded threat of ‘wait until your father gets home’, we usually only knew we were about to be smacked when we heard the gurgling of the hot water.  

We had one hot tap inside in those days, in the bathroom. We were neither poor nor rich, living from pay packet to pay packet but not at risk of homelessness nor rickets. Our house was considered quite ‘swish’ for the area in having the said hot tap. I remember it was terribly noisy. 

Mam had had a rather deprived childhood, and by her mid-30s she was experiencing nerve pains in her hands and feet, which I now suspect come from the malnutrition of her childhood. She found hot water helped soothed these pains, so before cooking or cleaning, Mam would run her hands under the hot tap to prepare them for the task.

The other time she used the hot water was just prior to administering corporal punishment to her children. When she smacked us, Mam would get very sore hands, so again if she thought we needed our arses tanning she would prepare her smacking hand by running hot water over it. If you heard the gurgle of that hot tap at an unusual time, you could be sure it meant that a spanking was imminent! 

On more than one occasion, one of us would be smacked by Mam for some mischief and then later that evening we would get another,  much harder smacking from Dad for ‘hurting Mam’s hands’. My older brother Jimmy once pointed out to Dad that Mam had hurt her own hands – and got himself a belting for his cheek.

I’m now 72 years old, but to this day, the gurgle of old-fashioned boilers irresistibly reminds me of bending over Mam’s lap and feeling her pre-warmed palm resting against my bare bottom, about to do the business.

Contributor: Marla

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