A bare-breasted spanking

My younger sister and I bickered constantly when we were children and we both often ended up over our mother’s knee to have our bottoms thoroughly warmed. However, one such incident has been stuck in my memory for a long time.

My dad had gone out to the pub with his mates. Mum had given us our tea, overseen our homework and now we were supposed to be playing nicely while our mother had a bath – we would follow her in, one by one, afterwards. I think at this point I’d be 11 and my sister nine, so we were perfectly capable of bathing ourselves.

Well, of course, we didn’t play nicely and quietly. I can’t even now remember how the fight broke out but I do know that my sister really escalated it by hitting me. However, when I gave as good as I got, she screamed the house down as if I was murdering her.

Mum came running downstairs, thinking there was an emergency. She had almost finished undressing for her bath and only had her knickers on – quite naturally, in the circumstances she hadn’t bothered to take the time to get dressed again. I had seen my mother’s breasts before when I was a much younger boy, but it had been a long time and I found it hard to take my eyes off her large soft boobs, the large nipples erect from the cold.

Of course, she soon found there was no emergency at all – it was just our usual sibling inter-fighting – and she lost no time in displaying her anger. She took my sister by the arm and put her across her knee, whisking up the back of her skirt as she did so, and following it by yanking down her blue school knickers. My sister got spanked for a solid couple of minutes, yelling even louder now, and I watched with fascination as my mum’s tits bounced up and down as she administered the corporal punishment to my sister’s ever-reddening bum.

When she was satisfied with her work, my mum let my sister up and told her: “Now you can watch your brother get his turn.” She crooked a finger at me and I came forward reluctantly, my eyes still lowered and looking at her bare chest. Mum took my trousers and pants down and was, I think, surprised to find I had a semi. I noticed her eyebrows shoot up when she saw this but she didn’t say anything. In short order I was put over her knee, humiliated, getting what I consider to be a baby’s punishment.

My backside was singing by the time she allowed me to get off her knee, and there was certainly no sign of my earlier arousal. At least, I don’t think so – I was too busy crying by this time.

When the spankings were over, Mum stripped us both completely and led us up to the bathroom. She scrubbed us thoroughly like much smaller kids, dried us off then told us to get to bed. As I left, I looked over my shoulder and had a brief glimpse of my mother’s own bare bottom as she took down her knickers to get in the bath herself.

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