Shaped by my spankings

The recent contribution to your website from the anonymous ‘Military Brat’ struck a chord with me, both with regard to my own history and sexual inclinations.

My father was a policeman and, as such, had presumably the same conservative views as to family values, and particularly the bringing up of children, as Military Brat’s own dad. My younger sister and I were frequently given sore bottoms growing up for even the mildest of infractions. In retrospect, I presume my father didn’t wish there to be any question of scandal surrounding his family life, given his profession.

There is more than a little irony in that objective, however, given that I’m pretty sure that smacking our bottoms was something our father enjoyed on some sort of sexual level. Although he never touched us inappropriately, he was an enthusiastic spanked and – comparing notes some time after he had passed away – both my sister and I often felt the bulge of his erection underneath our tummies, as we were laid across his lap for the slipper.

Whenever he felt the need to chastise us, Dad would march us up to the bedroom we girls shared throughout our childhood. Either he would collect a spanking slipper from his and Mum’s bedroom on the way there or he would already be wearing the instruments of correction, in which case he would simply slip one off his foot as we entered the room.

Dad would then make himself comfortable on the bed and draw us to him. The first thing that would happen would be that our slacks and pants would be taken down, so we were facing him with a bare ‘front bottom’ as well as a back one. This became more and more shameful as we grew older, of course.

My father would then deliver a lecture, taking his time (again, in retrospect, probably so he could have a good look at our privates). When he had finally run out of rebukes, he would take you by the arm and pull you across his knee. I spent a great deal of time looking at the bedroom carpet when I was a little girl and I can still remember the pattern to this day!

We were well beaten. Dad didn’t believe in half measures so when you had earned the slipper, you knew you weren’t going to be able to sit comfortably for a few days. The worst shame was changing for swimming at school – I often had to be careful not to turn my bottom towards the other girls as I got undressed or put my clothes back on. Not that anything would have been said in those days – it was just how family life was, and I would have got no sympathy from either my classmates or my teacher.

As I got older, I began to appreciate the warm feeling a slippering left in my rump, and I began to masturbate regularly after Dad had gone downstairs. When I began dating boys and getting serious with them, one of the things I invariably did first when it came to sex was to fling myself across their laps and invite them to ‘give this naughty girl a smack bottom’. Not many passed up the chance to spank my bum red and sore!

Today, I still love being submissive to my husband, and like nothing better than having my bottom thoroughly warmed over his lap, then kneeling on the bed, head down and hands clasped obediently behind my head, to be fucked from behind. I often wonder if Dad gave Mum the same treatment after spanking his daughters.

Contributor: Carol

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