Privacy and punishment

I was about nine and it was my Saturday night bath. I took a bath every night, but I had to make sure I washed everything really well on Saturdays, because we would be going to church the next morning.

Because I would usually get out of the tub soaking wet, my mom would come in and open the tub drain to let all the water out before I got out of the water. So I was sitting in the tub for a bath, waiting for it drain, when Dad came in to pee.

He walked over towards me and told me to close the shower curtain so he could have some privacy. Of course, I obeyed. But sitting in the tub with the water now almost drained, I decided I want to see Dad’s ‘piggie’ (the name my mom had taught me to use for penis), which I’ve never seen before. He had seen me naked all my life. By contrast, I had seen Dad in his underwear but never fully naked, so I guess I was curious.

I heard him begin to urinate and pulled the curtain back slightly peek. I saw my Dad’s penis – it was large, like a big sausage, and unlike me he was uncircumcised. I thought his looked a bit like my cousin Johnny, because it was also uncut.

Unfortunately I stared too long. Dad turned and saw me staring. He zipped himself up, turned around, came over to the bath and brushed the curtain away. There I was, sitting naked with my hands over my crotch to hide my own little ‘piggie’. Dad said: “Eddie, you shouldn’t be looking at anyone while they are going to the bathroom. That’s not a nice thing to do. Don’t do it again! Understand?”

I said OK – but in a very sarcastic manner, with the emphasis very much on the second letter. Dad suddenly said: “I’ll show you O-K!”

He grabbed my arm, pulled me up out of the tub and picked me up. He placed his left foot on the side of the bath and put me over his raised leg. “I’ll teach you to behave once and for all!” he said.

Then he started to spank my naked bottom – very hard. I had been spanked after being in the pool before, so this wasn’t entirely new to me, but it was the first time it was on my wet bare bum – the other times, I had been at least wearing my bathing suit.

My head was about a foot from the white tile wall under the shower cap and all I could do was look at the tiles while my butt was getting redder and redder, and hotter and hotter. Every time a spank landed, it felt worse than the last. Usually I would be across Dad’s lap, but because I was only over one leg my bottom was at an unusual angle, ensuring every inch of my rear end got properly tanned. It was like sitting on a red-hot iron.

There was absolutely nothing I could do to escape the spanking, and in my heart of hearts I did understand that I deserved what I was receiving. I had both invaded my father’s privacy and answered him in a snotty way, so I was definitely getting what I needed. Part of me was glad he was spanking me for this – it was a real father-son experience that we would both always remember. Finally, he put me down and said: “Oh-KAY?” I replied ‘OK’ in my usual, polite manner. I had definitely learned my lesson!

Dad left me to dry myself off, and my bottom was really sore and sensitive when it came to drying that bit of me. I usually wore underpants beneath my pyjamas but I was so sore I just put my loose pyjama bottoms on.

The next day, we got up and went to church. Sitting on the hard, wooden pew was very uncomfortable for me, as my bottom was still very sore. Ironically, the sermon was on the subject of ‘paying for our sins’ – a topic I now knew very, very well!

Contributor: Eddie

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