The last spanking

I’ll always remember the last spanking I got while living at home – it was exactly three days before I left home for college!

A couple of weeks earlier, my mom had told me to go through my closet and box up all the old clothes I wasn’t taking with me. She reminded me about this several times over a couple of weeks but I kept putting it off.

Three days before I was leaving, Mom said she wanted the task done by the time she got home from work that day. I started sorting my clothes as requested – but then a friend called and asked me if I wanted to go to the pool. No prizes for guessing what I chose.

Mom was already home by the time I got back, and she was not happy at all. To cut long story short, we got into a huge argument, I smarted off and told her to get off my back. Then I stormed off to my room.

As I was changing out of my wet swim clothes, Mom came in with the family paddle in her hand. I started arguing again, but Mom said I was acting like a child and needed a spanking.

I suppose I could have resisted more, but in the end I thought it best to just bend over and take my licks. Mom usually didn’t spank me naked but since I was already undressed, she did.

I think she knew that this would be the last time she spanked me, so she put a little extra oomph into every spank and gave me significantly more swats than she usually did during my childhood.

In fact, she walloped me so well, I actually cried – something I never usually did during a spanking, even when I was a little boy.

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