Tables turned on tease

My mother died very suddenly when my younger sister and I were quite young (I was six and my little sister Pamela was barely a year old). Our dad was naturally devastated and sadly wasn’t really capable of adequately caring for two small children on a day-to-day basis.

As a result, we were taken in by his sister, our Auntie May. May and her husband Jack had no children of their own, so I think she was in some way happy to be able to help – and suddenly have a ready-made family. Both our aunt and uncle were very kind to us both, but from an early stage of us moving in, it was made quite clear that misbehaviour wouldn’t be indulged.

I don’t think Uncle Jack ever disciplined us, but Auntie May was another matter. Like most products of her time, she firmly believed that naughty children needed their bottoms smacking. Apart from once, she only ever used her hand – but she had a strong right arm and believed in taking undies down before she began work. Even when we were a lot older, the punishment always made us cry like babies.

Corporal punishment was always administered privately in our room – except for this one fateful Sunday in September. I don’t now even remember what Pam had done naughty. I think she’d just had had a bit of an attitude and early on in the afternoon, Auntie May’s temper finally snapped.

As I say, normally Pam would have been taken to her room to get smacked but we were supposed to be having tea with a neighbour and we were already running late.

To my astonishment, and somewhat to my delight as well, I have to say, Auntie May dragged Pam over to a dining room chair where she sat and reached up my sister’s skirt, her hands coming down with Pam’s knickers in short order. Auntie firmly placed Pam across her lap, then hitched up her skirt to reveal my sister’s now bare (and very white) bottom.

Although we had been bathed together when we were very little, it was by now of course some years since I had seen my sister’s private parts and I was mesmerised at how her firm little buttocks bounced and reddened under the ministration of Auntie May’s hard hand. Pam screamed and cried like a toddler as the punishment was administered, and was in floods of tears when Auntie May stood her back up and hoisted her knickers back into place.

Consequently, afternoon tea was quite a sombre affair. Our hosts naturally noted that Pam wasn’t her usual ebullient self and remarked on it. Auntie May merely said: “I’m afraid she was a naughty girl and we had to have a little talk, didn’t we Pamela?” Our neighbours tutted indulgently and my sister blushed like a beetroot at just having her misbehaviour mentioned. That gave me an idea which would prove my own undoing.

When we got back, I sidled up to Pam and chanted softly: “Who got her bottom smacked? Who got her bottom smacked?” With an evil grin now spreading across my face, I added: “I’m going to tell everyone in school I saw your bare bum smacked like a baby.” Pam flushed again and begged me not too. My only answer was an ever-widening grin.

After a while, I went up to my room to finish off some homework which was due in on Monday morning, but I had only been working on it for a few minutes when I heard Pam crying downstairs as Auntie May talked quietly back at her. Was she in for another smacked bottom?

That idea was quickly dispelled as I heard Auntie’s voice coming up the stairs. “Richard! Get down here this minute!” I had this sudden instinct that I was in big trouble, and my legs turned to jelly as I reluctantly came downstairs.

Pam was sat cuddled up on Uncle Jack’s knee, dabbing one of Auntie May’s hankies against a tear-stained face. Auntie confronted me straight away, hands on hips.

“Is what I hear true, young man? Have you been teasing your sister and threatening to tell other children about her being beaten?” I tried to deny it but Auntie shot back: “I’m afraid I don’t believe you. There would be no reason for Pamela to be so upset if this wasn’t true. Wait there!”

I heard her go upstairs for a moment, then back down again. When she came back in the lounge, Auntie May was holding an oval tortoiseshell hairbrush which normally lived on her dressing table.

“Well, Richard,” she said, “I had planned on giving you an ordinary smacked bottom for being so unkind to your little sister but seeing as you were silly enough to lie to me as well, we must see what the hairbrush will do. Come here to me!”

She sat in the same straight-backed chair where Pam had received her own punishment earlier, tapping the back of the hairbrush against her hand to make her intent chillingly clear.

I tried one desperate last plea. “Please, Auntie, not in front of Pamela.” “And why not?” my aunt snapped back at me. You saw her bare bottom earlier, as you made clear with your teasing. Come along!”

I reluctantly stepped forward to face my execution. Without wasting another word, Auntie’s hands went to my trouser button and zip and pulled them down. Then her hands went into the waistband of my pants, and I was suddenly bare bottomed. At 13, I was thoroughly ashamed of my sister seeing both my bum and my willy. I was something of a late developer in that area, and my penis was still quite small for my age. Thankfully I was soft!

Before I knew it, I was staring at the living room linoleum and Auntie had brought the back of that hairbrush down on my bare backside for the first time. It stung much worse than her hand ever had and I let out a yell you could have heard on the other side of town.

Time and again that brush was brought down on my bare bum with gusto by my auntie and it didn’t take many smacks before I was sobbing my heart out, like a much younger version of myself. As Auntie had promised, this was no ordinary smacked bottom – it was a proper thrashing, and one I never forgot.

After what seemed a lifetime over my aunt’s knee, I was stood back up on my feet and told to make myself decent again. Auntie May called Pamela off Uncle Jack’s lap and I was made to say sorry to my sister and give her a kiss. Then Auntie turned us both around to face her.

She said: “I want you both to be very clear that family discipline is a private matter. What happens here stays our business and no-one else’s – d’you hear?” We nodded dutifully. Then Auntie said to Pam: “Pamela, if I as much suspect that you’ve teased your brother or told anyone else about what happened this afternoon, you will be getting what Richard has just had. As you saw, it’s not a pleasant experience. Is that clear?” Pam gulped a bit and nodded.

We both kept our word and never told anyone else – well, I didn’t until now, and I have changed both our names. However, sometimes when we get a bit drunk Pam and I will secretly giggle about that fateful day we both saw each other get a very well smacked bottom.

Contributor: Richard

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