Aunt Brenda gives the strap

Although my parents rarely used corporal punishment much, I did have an Aunt Brenda who used it with vigour. She had one daughter, Sarah, who was of a similar age to me.

Sarah and I were great friends and quite often pushed her mum’s boundaries. Aunt Brenda’s rules were simple: if you were in her house and misbehaved, she dealt with you – or you went home and did not return.

One of my most embarrassing punishments was in 1968 at the age of 16, when Sarah and I went out for the evening. We found a pub and managed to get a drink even though we were under-age.

We were rather late home and found Aunt Brenda waiting for us. She was obviously furious and Sarah realised what was coming. It had been a few years since I had been over Aunt Brenda’s knee and I was not aware of her latest punishment regime. 

Aunt Brenda told us we were both in big trouble and she was going to deal with us severely. She lectured us about our offences – under-age drinking, getting drunk (I thought it was quite funny but I was not going to argue), being late home and bringing disgrace on the family. She told Sarah that she was getting the strap and took it out of the drawer. It looked fearsome, and Sarah was certainly very frightened.

Aunt Brenda told her to ‘prepare yourself’ and put a chair in the middle of the room. To my surprise, Sarah began to undress. When we had been spanked bare bottom together previously but never totally naked. By now, though, I fully taken in Sarah’s fabulous body – pert bum, great tits and long legs. I had never seen her naked before and hadn’t fully appreciated her beauty. As you might expect, I felt my cock stirring and I soon had a hard-on. 

Aunt Brenda told Sarah to bend over the chair and the first whack soon followed. I watched as Aunt Brenda brought the strap down another nine times, making Sarah’s bum glow bright red. Sarah was crying loudly by now and thankfully her mum stopped at that.

Sarah was told to stand and I was mesmerised as she did a ‘spanky dance’ in front of me, her hands were clasped to her buttocks and her now quite mature boobs bouncing around.

Aunt Brenda then turned to me. She told me I could either accept the same or I would no longer be welcome at her house. I had no hesitation in making my decision – I liked being with Sarah and was equally to blame.

As you have may have read elsewhere, I had been aroused by my canings in school and was quite curious to get the strap for the first time. I was certainly a bit embarrassed about Sarah seeing me nude with a hard-on, but nevertheless agreed to the punishment from my aunt.

I carefully dropped my trousers first and then the rest of my clothes followed. Sarah seemed too engrossed in rubbing her bum to notice me. I was ordered over the chair and immediately obeyed.

Aunt Brenda brought the strap down hard. Even though I was an ‘old hand’ when it came to being caned, the intense sting of the strap still surprised me. Aunt Brenda brought it down on my backside a further nine times and boy, did it hurt! I was so relieved when my aunt told me to stand back up. I remember dancing just like Sarah had done earlier, by now totally oblivious of my nakedness and still throbbing erection.

Aunt Brenda lectured us once more before sending us to bed. I followed Sarah upstairs and could not help admiring her red bum as I walked behind her. As we got to the landing Sarah gave me a quick kiss. “I’m sorry I got us whacked,” she said. I replied: “It wasn’t your fault – I should have known better too.” My manhood was still pointing firmly upwards but she made no comment about that and disappeared into her room. 

The next morning, we were both on best behaviour and Aunt Brenda acted as though nothing had happened the previous night. That was the last time Sarah and I got punished together. Sadly, our lives drifted apart as we both got boyfriends and girlfriends, but I will never forget that night. 

Contributor: Peter

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