A family secret

I was with my sisters-in-law recently – the wine was flowing pretty freely and the girl talk was starting to get naughty. My husband’s middle sister Brenda (I’ve changed all the names here, by the way) doesn’t have many inhibitions at any time and certainly not when she has been drinking.

During our chat, Brenda blurted out that she hoped that my husband could satisfy me since he had such a little dick. This is unfortunately true, but nevertheless I came to my man’s defence and insisted that he did not. Brenda replied bluntly that she knew he did, and regaled us with this spanking story from their youth…

My husband Tony is the oldest of four kids, and as the oldest he was generally very responsible and well behaved.  My mother-in-law told me that he was the easiest of the four children to raise and subsequently not spanked very often. Perhaps unsurprisingly, Brenda, who is two years younger than him, was the most unruly of the four and by contrast often found herself with a sore and stinging bottom.

This story happened when Tony was 14 and Brenda was 12, and it was one of the last spankings that Tony ever got.  He had returned home later than he was supposed to and then got into an argument with his mother about it.  He gave her some attitude and she sentenced him to a spanking with the belt.

In the kitchen, he had to pull down his pants and underwear and then bend over and grab his knees while sticking out his butt for the spanking.  Unbeknown to Tony and his mother Brenda and her friend Lisa had just come in from outside and were immediately drawn to the kitchen by the sounds of a spanking. 

The two girls surreptitiously peeked around the corner and suppressed their giggles as they watched Tony getting about a dozen hard cracks with the wide leather belt.  By the end, my husband-to-be was openly crying and the girls had to put their hands over their mouths to stifle their laughter. 

When she was done spanking her son, my mother-in-law let him up and he immediately did the spanking dance, hopping around from foot to foot and trying to wiggle out the pain. It was while he did this that Tony unwittingly exposed his little willy to his sister and her friend, who were naturally loving every minute of it.

The girls beat a hasty retreat to Brenda’s room, where they burst into fits of laughter. Lisa, who was 13 at the time and quite a bit more worldly than her friend, said: “I can’t believe how small your brother’s dick is – he’s such a baby!”

Brenda had no point of reference for this statement – when it came to boys, she had only ever seen Tony and her much younger brother naked. Lisa assured her that Tony’s penis was very small – she had seen her brothers even her little brother was bigger than that. 

After more fits of laughter, the girls decided to go and tease Tony. After some taunts about him crying, they brought up the subject of his manhood. Lisa was really mean to him, making the ‘little pinky’ sign and talking about how she was going to tell the girls at school. Tony was getting very frustrated and begging them not to do so.

Suddenly, his mom showed up – she had not heard everything but she had heard enough. She ordered both girls downstairs immediately. She phoned Lisa’s mother and described what had happened. Lisa’s mother was horrified and promised that a spanking would be applied to her bottom upon her return home, but then my mother-in-law asked if it was OK if she administered itself. Spanking other people’s children was not uncommon in those days, and Lisa’s mom told her that would be fine with her.

My mother-in-law hauled both girls out of the corner where she had placed them, and divested them of their pants and underwear. She laid into them in no uncertain terms with a lecture about respecting people’s privacy and not being mean. 

Finally, she made both girls present their bottoms and spanked them both thoroughly, alternating from girl to girl in groups of three strokes. Each girl got 15 stinging swats and then did their own spanking dance. They were then made to apologise to Tony and swear that they would never mention it again. 

And until that day she told me, Brenda never had!

Contributor: Jillian

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