Life with a Tiger Mom

I fell for my partner a long time ago, and we are still two women deeply in love. To me, she is to me the most beautiful woman in the world, with big brown eyes and long black hair.

My partner is of Asian origin and has a daughter from her previous marriage. who was quite young when we first met. I enjoyed the little girl’s company very much. She was a little angel – very mellow, obedient and respectful. It was only after I moved in with them that I realised why the child was so well-behaved – my new partner was not only a loving, doting mother but also a very strict parent. 

In short, she was what some call a Tiger Mom – and she really was a tiger! Her daughter had no playtime or television time on school days. Even when she was allowed out to play on holidays, she had to be prompt in coming back home at the allotted time.

There were absolutely no sleepovers allowed, and no sort of untidiness or even misplacement of items in the house was tolerated. The girl had many chores, and had to do them properly everyday. Everything was micro-managed and the girl’s academic studies were treated as of the utmost importance. She had to score straight As, period!

Every evening, as soon as my partner returned from work, the first thing she did was check her daughter’s homework and supervised her studies. She would literally sit with her daughter for hours – with a foot-long wooden ruler within easy reach – and drill the girl.

During these sessions, when the girl got something wrong, she would often be smacked with the ruler, either on her hand, her legs or her bottom. It was clear that my partner was a firm believer in corporal punishment!

For behavioural transgressions, and when my partner thought her girl needed more strict discipline, she would punish her with either a leather belt or a rattan cane, both of which she kept on a rack in the utility closet. She would bring the girl into the living room, order her to bend over and touch the toes, then beat her bare bottom with the cane or the belt. Red marks and raised welts were always a byproduct of these sessions.

Every time we went out to social occasions, before we left home my partner would always warn her girl to behave or else – no wonder that little girl was an angel!

Even then, my partner always carried the ruler in her purse. If her daughter stepped out of line, she would take her to the restroom and smack her bottom right then and there. Then there would be a further dose of the belt or cane upon our return home.

Despite her strictness, my partner was a loving mother. The girl simply loved her mom so much and always lingered around her dutifully.

We lived in a tiny apartment and that girl basically grew up studying at the dining table. This meant I witnessed first-hand the discipline my partner put her through. At first I was shocked by these punishments, but slowly I began to fantasise about and sexualise them.

Deep down, I felt sorry for the girl when she was beaten but my partner’s strictness captivated me. I loved how strict she was and how religiously she disciplined her daughter. Her stern look and tone would often excite me. She looked so gorgeous scolding her girl. I simply loved how she went about her maternal duties.

I got wet many times just watching my partner cane or belt her daughter, and we would have very passionate nights later on such days. I eventually confessed my feelings to my partner and fortunately she understood, providing I maintained a healthy relationship with her daughter, which of course I did.

Contributor: Tania

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