Gloria’s spankings

Small town Illinois is still a very conservative place, and it was even more so when I grew up there during the early 80s, which is where I met and started dating Gloria (name changed), my first girlfriend.

Gloria’s dad was a local highway patrolman, and held even more conservative views than most other folks as a result. He kept his children on a tight rein, and wasn’t afraid to use his belt on either of them when they misbehaved. Even at 15, when we began dating, Gloria was still spanked quite regularly by her dad, whereas it had been years by then since I had been over my (widowed) mother’s knee.

Occasionally we would meet up and Gloria would be a bit introverted, or even noticeably wince when she went to sit down. One of those occasions was the first time she confessed to me that her Daddy still warmed her bottom when she was a bad girl. I was a little shocked by this revelation – as I say, it had been a long time since I had been dealt with that way myself (my mother had kept a paddle for me) – but I was also extremely aroused,.

With a little reluctance and some hesitancy on her part, I got Gloria to tell me exactly what happened on these occasions. Apparently, she would be sent to her room, then her daddy would come up with the belt. Gloria would be required to remove her panties, lie down on her bed and lift the back of her skirt.

The thought of my love’s sweet naked behind turned up on her bed for daddy to spank made the blood course through my veins and, well, let’s just say nature took its course. Actually, what the heck – I was as hard as a rock! I went home and jerked off to that mental picture for the first of many, many times in my life.

As I say, Gloria’s dad kept her and her brother under strict control, and the opportunities for us to fool around were few and far between. However, on one occasion after she had been given a spanking the day before, we slipped off deep into the local woods where, after some French kissing and cajoling, I persuaded Gloria to show me her butt. She gave a shy grin at me over her shoulder, then hitched her dress up and pulled her panties down to her knees.

I was entranced but also shocked. There were still several broad red stripes across her bottom where the belt had done its work. She had a full, already womanly butt and a bush of black hair which extended around to the crease of her backside too. I dropped my own pants and underwear and began to rub myself against her.

Had we had access to contraception, I believe we’d have fucked right there but there was no way I could go into the local pharmacy asking for condoms without most of the town (and our parents) getting to hear about it. As it was, we had to settle for a hand job each and I went home with the wonderful smell of Gloria’s womanhood on my fingers.

Sadly, we split up about a year later but I have never forgotten those heady days of youth, nor the key role Gloria’s spankings played in my sexual awakening.

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