Smacked over the phone

I was about 10 years old, and it was just Mom and myself at home. We had eaten dinner and were watching TV – I had just taken a bath and was wearing my pyjamas with long sleeves, so it wasn’t during the summer.

I was talking to Mom about what to watch on TV when she suddenly said: “What have I told you about talking back, Eddie? Go to your room right now – I will be in to spank you in a while.”

I sloped off sadly to my room and wondered how I’d managed to talk myself into another mess – it always seemed to happen when Mom and I were alone, and she always seemed to find a reason to spank my bottom.

It was then that I had a bright idea – I shut off all the lights, climbed into bed and pretended to be asleep. Within a few minutes, Mom opened the door and looked into the room. I pretended to be asleep. She didn’t turn on the lights or say anything to me – she just closed the door and went back to watching TV.

I felt so smart – I actually had gotten out of a spanking! After that, I had no problem with dozing off and had a great night’s sleep. The next morning, I got up, went to pee, and brush my teeth.

Then I went into the kitchen, just like any other day. Dad had already left for work. When Mom saw me come into the kitchen, she sat down by the kitchen table and yanked down my pyjama bottoms to my knees. “Did you think I forgot what I promised you, Eddie? Well, I didn’t. Over my knee!”

She pulled me across her lap and positioned m for a spanking. She secured me with her left arm around my waist, then pulled my briefs down at the back. Then she began to smack my bum.

The spanking was good, hard and all over my butt. I did what I usually did on such occasions – went limp, closed my eyes and just tried to ride out the tanning.

After about a minute of non-stop smacks, Mom’s cell phone rang. She stopped spanking me and answered it. Then, while she held the phone with her left hand, she continued to spank me.

I don’t know to this day who was on the other end of the line, but Mom must have decided she was comfortable enough with spanking me while she took the call– I was in shock!! She held it in her left hand and started spanking me again with her right hand, while talking. She must have seen who was calling and decided she was comfortable enough to speak and spank, so it must have been family or friends. And they certainly heard a little boy getting his bare bottom smacked on the other end of the line!

Then I heard Mom say: “I’m actually giving Eddie a spanking right now. I should have given it him last night but I was too tired. Anyway, he’s getting it good and hard now.”

Despite her words, she must have been distracted, because the smacks delivered to my bottom while she was on the phone were definitely not as hard as the ones which preceded it. After about two minutes of this, I heard Mom say: “I need to go now, as I need to give it to Eddie good and hard – he really needs it.”

There was another short break while she hung up and put the phone away. Then she secured me again with her left arm and began spanking me harder and faster than the first round. This went on for a couple of minutes, and it felt like she was pressing a hot iron against my behind.

When mom finally decided that I had had enough, she let me up off her lap. I pulled my briefs and pyjamas back up. I was humiliated and embarrassed that mom had spanked me during a phone call –I had never heard of anything like this ever happening to anyone else.

Then Mom said: “Eddie, I want you to go into the living room, sit yourself on the sofa and think about what you did. And don’t get up until I say you may!”

While serving my post-spanking time out, it occurred to me that if Mom had spanked me the previous night, it would not have been as bad as it was the following morning. By trying to be clever, I had actually made things much worse. Having a very sore bottom is bad enough, but someone listening to you get spanked is horrible!

Contributor: Eddie

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