More dirty pants

I read with a great deal of interest your contribution from Jonathan about having his underpants checked for cleanliness by his mother – and the spankings which resulted in the event that they didn’t measure up to her standards.

I was subject to a similar regime, although in my case the disciplinarian was my grandmother – and for years I’ve been under the impression that I was the only child who ever had this done to them.

For me, it’s the phrase ‘I want to check your underwear’ that takes me straight back to childhood. That command meant that I would have go go and stand in front of Gram, then take down my pants and underwear so she could check the front for urine stains and the seat for skidmarks.

Sometimes she would bare my bottom herself, which of course was even more humiliating, even for a relatively young child – fortunately, this didn’t happen very often.

Whether it was her undressing me or me doing it myself, there would then follow a close inspection of my underpants. If they were not up to an acceptable standard, Gram would give me a firm spanking on my bare bottom.

If there had already been other occasions within the previous two or three days when my undies had been dirty, then her hand would be replaced by the belt, once again on my bare bum.

I’m not sure why, but the scolding that went along with my spanking was always worded to sound as though I had deliberately dirtied my pants. Indeed, I was made to admit out loud to doing it, even though I hadn’t – usually, it would be the usual childish carelessness of farting and scratching, or maybe not wiping properly after a number two.

Anyway, as you might expect, the result was always a very sore set of bottom cheeks and a good cry on my part. Some of these punishments are among my most clearly-remembered spankings.

Contributor: Stephen

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