The seeds of childhood

We are a married couple from Brittany in France and we both really enjoy reading your site. Although we are a very compatible couple, we come from far different backgrounds.

I am the only daughter of a very modern couple, who were very permissive with me and open about everything in life, yes including sex. I was hardly ever even verbally rebuked for misbehaviour as I grew up, and I was certainly never spanked.

My husband Jean, by way of contrast, is from a very traditional Catholic family and is the second youngest of eight children. He was definitely brought up to be a ‘mummy’s boy’, with very strict discipline throughout his childhood.

This discipline definitely did involve ‘une bonne fessée’, as we say here, from time to time. Jean’s mother kept a martinet for use on the children’s bottoms, and he and his siblings were regularly whipped to make them behave. The child in question would be told to remove their lower garments, then they would be tucked under mother’s arm and whipped across the bottom and upper thighs with the martinet. It stung very much, Jean tells me, and would leave red weals on their skin for hours afterwards.

The reason I know all about this is really due to the effect it had on my husband, and the part corporal punishment now plays in our sex life. Very early on after we were married, if we saw children out with their parents who were misbehaving, Jean would mention later how that child lacked discipline, and what his mother would have done had the child in question been hers.

We made love regularly, as young couples do, and each time we fucked, I noticed Jean would go back to this subject of childhood discipline. I eventually coaxed him into talking about what had happened to him as a boy. As he did so, I caressed and sucked him intimately and I noticed how much fatter and harder his penis was getting – this was something that had obviously greatly affected him sexually. When he finally entered me, I had to catch my breath at how much more I was being stretched than normal.

As Jean began to fuck me, I called him a naughty boy and said that I would have to be his maman from now on (the title of your website always makes us smile because of this!). He responded ardently and came so much that I had to put a sanitary pad into my panties afterwards to catch all the leakage from my vagina.

After this, we always began sex with me taking down his pants and underpants and putting him over my knee like a naughty child for a spanking. The fuckings which followed were mind-blowingly good.

After a few months, I managed to find a martinet in a local pet store and brought it home to show my husband. The bulge which formed in my husband’s pants when he saw the instrument of correction told its story. I had him bare his behind and bend over to be whipped, and I thoroughly enjoyed using the martinet on him. Once again, we were both more than ready for more adult activities once the whipping had been given!

Because of my husband’s fetish – which is now also mine, I must say – we were both very wary about having children of our own. Fortunately, I am a career-minded woman and that fitted in with my aspirations too, although I think Jean’s parents are disappointed we never gave them grandchildren.

Even today, I am definitely Jean’s maman. I spank and whip him when he is naughty or grouchy. He also likes to be nursed on the breast after his punishment (although this never happened to him as a child), and I have managed to begin lactating and feed him properly like a baby, which is a big turn-on for us both.

Thank you again for your delicious site!

Contributor: Kiki

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