An unfair spanking

Sometimes, when my friends and I would talk about a recent spanking, someone would say they got spanked for no good reason at all. I believed they were telling the truth, at least as they saw it, especially since I had been on the receiving end of such seemingly unfair punishments myself.

One evening after dinner, our dog Toughie was tied up in the front yard near our steps when Mom told me that it was time for his walk. I was playing with my friends and distracted so it was a few moments before I went to see to him. In the meantime, Toughie had peed all over the steps – and it could have been much worse, of course!

I untied him, put his leash on and walked him to complete what he had to do. When I came back, mom was standing by the front steps with a hose, finishing up washing away the dog pee. Right in front of my friends, she ordered me to get in the house, so I obeyed.

Once inside, Mom ordered me to go take my evening bath.  I could see that she was angry but I didn’t know why. While I was in the tub, she came in with just a pair of briefs for me to wear – this was always a bad sign.

“When you’ve finished your bath, Eddie,” she told me, “you are going over my knee for a spanking.” I was in shock, and cried out: “Why? I didn’t do anything!” “You didn’t take Toughie out soon enough and he made a mess on the steps,” she replied. I began to cry, wailing that I hadn’t done anything wrong, but Mom just turned and walked away. Her heart was obviously set on a spanking for me.

I lingered in the tub as much as I dared but eventually she called me to get out, dry off and ‘get dressed’ – in other words, just put the pair of underpants on.

As usual, I was called into her bedroom, where she was sitting on the bed ready for me. I kept repeating the mantra of ‘I didn’t do anything’ but this only made Mom more angry. “Stop saying that, and get over my knee,” she ordered.

I tried to resist bending over her lap but I was only eight and Mom still had a big size advantage over me. She pulled me into the required position and was ready to begin – but I wasn’t. I squeezed my legs together and tightened my bottom muscles as much as I could.

This really angered Mom. She gave my bottom a quick slap, and said: “Stop that!” There was a bit of a stand-off for a few minutes, then she eventually said: “Eddie, if you don’t stop this nonsense, we can wait ’til your father gets home, and he can spank you instead.”

I knew how much more Dad’s spankings hurt so I had no choice but to relent and relax my bottom. Mom began to spank me with a great deal of pent-up anger and energy. It was the fastest spanking I had ever had – Mom was a pretty brisk spanker anyway but she was going at it at least twice as fast as she usually did, and I heard her breathing rapidly as she chastised her young son.

The only break in the proceedings was when she decided I needed to be bare bottom, and she stopped for a few seconds to pull my briefs down. The pain from that was excruciating. I was crying by now but she didn’t relent – or maybe she couldn’t hear my pleas for mercy over the din of the smacks and cries. When she finally decided enough was enough, she yelled at me: “Don’t you ever fight with me again!”

When she let me off her lap, she still looked very, very angry with me. I could barely stand up, as the pain was so great and walking was horrific as she escorted me to my room. Each step felt like another smack on my butt, as my cheeks rubbed together. She made me lie down on my bed, on my back, and tucked me in very tightly so I couldn’t turn over. She told me not to move or she would spank me again – this was also routine. My butt was so sore that I wasn’t able to fall asleep for a very long time. 

My bowel habits were such that I usually popped in the mornings after breakfast. The morning after this spanking, my rear end was so sore that sitting on the toilet was very difficult. It was equally challenging wiping my bottom afterwards. I still made pains to be diligent about this, however, because I had been spanked for having dirty underpants only a few days earlier. I had been made to wash the underwear in the sink myself, as I stood there with my newly-smacked bottom on show.

Contributor: Eddie

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