All downhill from there

This is all about the second and final spanking I got (alongside my cousin Johnny) from my Aunt Gracie – it happened during a weekend visit, and my aunt certainly saved the best for last!

Johnny and I got into trouble because we went into a bad area of town, after being specifically told not to do so. Auntie’s house was four large blocks up the hill from Jersey St, a commercial area that contained many business establishments, including a few that belonged to my family for many years.

Unfortunately, over the years it had started to deteriorate and crime increased. Before this happened, Johnny and I would often walk ‘down the hill’, take in the sights and get candy and ice cream from the store down there. Because she was worried about our safety, Auntie told us that we couldn’t go down there by ourselves any longer.

Naturally being the rebellious, spoilt kids that we were, we still disobeyed. We decided to take another trip ‘down the hill’ on a Sunday afternoon. Johnny’s oldest brother Joseph happened to be driving down there and saw us. He offered to take us home and told us to get in the car. We agreed because it was a major hike getting up that hill – and had just had our ice cream!

When we got back to the house, we tried to sneak off so Auntie wouldn’t see us come in – but we didn’t pull it off. Auntie asked where we had been and before we could answer for ourselves, Joseph remarked that he’d seen us ‘down the hill’ and drove us home.

When she heard this, Auntie went ballistic. Joseph looked shocked – to be fair to him, he had no idea we had been forbidden from going there. If he had, he would probably not have said anything, as he often covered for us when he knew we might get spanked.

Anyway, what was done was done. Auntie ordered Johnny and I to get upstairs to his bedroom. “I’ll be up to deal with you boys in a minute,” she promised ominously. We ran upstairs and just waited on Johnny’s bed – he had a double and we slept together in it when I visited. We knew what was going to happen, all right, and we were scared little boys.

After a few minutes, Joseph came into the room. “Boys, I’m afraid you’re both going to get it. Take off all your clothes, and Mom will be in to see you in a moment.” He looked like he felt sorry for us, and no doubt he had his own memories of such discipline.

We did as we had been instructed and stripped to our birthday suits. We were very active, fit boys and I’ve no doubt we had the cutest, most spankable backsides ever. Johnny and I had seen each other nude many times, so there was no shame at all. We didn’t know the technical term for it at the time, but I was circumcised while Johnny and his brothers were not.

One thing we did know – we were both going to get a very sore bottom. We thought Aunt Gracie would come in with the spoon like last time – Johnny said I should go first this time, as he had been over his mom’s knee first last time out.

Auntie came in, looking very upset. She ordered us to lie on our tummies, next to each other, across the foot of the bed. This was the first time I had been spanked lying down before, and at first I really didn’t know what to do. So I watched what Johnny was doing and did the same. He was propped up on his elbows, with his shoulders arched up.  We were the same size, and so we were lying shoulder to shoulder, bottom to bottom. Our four buttocks and two cracks were right next to each other, perfectly positioned for two well-earned spankings.   

Auntie took her position by our side. For a moment or two she just stood there, looking down at our naked bottoms, and the suspense was horrible. Unlike last time, there was no sign of a spoon.

Eventually, she said: “Well, you two are really going to be the red bottom boys now!” With that, she began and Johnny got his first smack. Then Auntie reached over and smacked my bottom. She continued with this pattern, alternating between her two boys.

To this day, I don’t know what she was spanking us with. The blows didn’t feel like her hand or even a spoon – but they were like an electric charge across our bottoms and hurt far more than anything I had had before. At one point, Auntie smacked my bum crack from top to bottom and it really stung. Johnny’s smacks sounded exactly like mine but we were both too scared (and in too much pain) to crane our necks back and see what was being used. One thing is for sure – because she was standing over us, whatever she was using Auntie was able to put more force into every smack

It was the first time I had been spanked with my head higher than my bottom and I didn’t like being in this position at all. When over an adult’s knee, I could let my bottom go soft and submit to the punishment, which both showed that I was being a good boy and taking my medicine, and also meant that I reached ‘maximum burn’ quicker, after which my backside would simply go numb, no matter how many further smacks were applied.

With this arched position on the bed, my bum cheeks remained taut and every spank hurt more than the last. I tried to distract myself from the spanking by counting things like the fire engines or cars in the wallpaper I was staring at, but the punishment went on long enough for me to run out of things to count. I think Aunt Gracie kept on tanning us until she got tired, or maybe our butts looked sore enough.

Mercifully, amazingly, she did eventually stop the spanking. She told us to get to bed and left the room. I looked carefully to see whether I could see what she had been using as a spanker, but couldn’t – her dress had large pockets, and whatever it was was well hidden.

As we both eased ourselves back up from the spanking position, we couldn’t help but look at each other’s bare bottoms. Whatever it was she had used, and it was somehow scarier not knowing, Auntie had given it to us good – our buttocks were bright red and blistered in the centre.

We were both in a lot of pain, but wanted to see our own bottoms so we could compare them with the other’s. There was a dresser with a mirror against the wall opposite our bed, but it was too high for us to see standing on the floor. So we clambered on to the bed (I helped Johnny up) and looked back over our shoulders – we both had identical bright red, shiny bottoms.

All of a sudden, and quite unexpectedly, Johnny gave me a hard smack on my butt – it really hurt. I tried to smack him back, but he resisted and we ended up wrestling naked together, red bottoms and all. It was a good thing Auntie didn’t hear the commotion and come back to check on us – I can barely imagine how sore we would have been after an inevitable second dose.

Eventually, we put our clothes back on and sat there on the bed, talking quietly with our sore bottoms simmering in our underpants, until we were called down for supper. When we did eventually go down, we both apologised profusely. Auntie’s eyes turned kinder and she let us eat supper sitting on the padded sofa – I’m guessing she knew just how sore our bottoms were!

To this day, I don’t know what Auntie used for that spanking. Whatever it was, it was small enough to keep out of sight but powerful enough to give two boys a very sore bottom each.

Looking back at my childhood, I’m surprised I had any cheeks left considering all the spankings I received between the ages of four and 10.

I hated them at the time, but my brother recently gave me an insight into perhaps why I turned out fetishising corporal punishment. We were talking about some of my spankings he witnessed and he appeared to be envious, because he had never been spanked.

I told him he should consider himself lucky, but he replied: “Really? Then why did you look happy when Mom or Dad put you over their lap?” I was shocked and didn’t know what to say. “Mind you,” he added with a grin, “you didn’t look so happy by the time they’d finished with your bottom!”

Contributor: Eddie

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