A very motherly spanking

I remember everything like it was yesterday. It was spring and I was eight years old. It was another long weekend of my staying with my aunt, uncle and cousins, all of whom I loved. I was the oldest child in my own family unit, but I was the ‘baby’ when I stayed with my auntie and uncle, and I loved that too.

One Saturday afternoon, my cousin Johnny and I were running around like crazy in the house. His older brother Patty told us we had to stop or his mom would spank us. I replied defiantly: “She would never spank me!” Patty made no comment on that but instructed us to ‘go outside now’, which we did. That was all that was said about it and I didn’t think about it anymore.   

The next morning, Uncle John, Johnny and Patty left for church. Auntie told me that I didn’t have to go because they were also taking weekly Bible study classes after the service, and those were for older kids. I thought this was great because I didn’t want to get dressed up and sit in church anyway.

I came down into the kitchen, where Auntie Gracie was sitting enjoying a cup of coffee. When she saw me, she said: “Good morning, honey – did you brush your teeth and pee?” “Yes Auntie,” I said. I ran over to her to get my hug and kiss, coming over to her left side. To my surprise, she told me to come around to her other side, which I did.

Auntie slid her chair back, gave me a kiss and held me in her arms for a moment. She told me that she loved me like her other boys and would do anything for me. I only was wearing was my briefs, as that’s how we kids all slept back then. Then, to my utter shock, Auntie reached for the waistband of my underpants and pulled them down to my thighs. With the smoothness of much maternal practice, she put her hands under my armpits and picked me up slightly, pulling me forward and down across her lap.

All of this happened like clockwork in just a few seconds and I didn’t even have time to react. Auntie put her left arm around my tummy to hold me firmly, then with her right hand she pulled my briefs off completely. She put them on the table, and I remember being glad they were clean.

I couldn’t believe we had gone from a hug and a kiss to this. Like I said, I remember everything. Auntie was wearing a floral house dress, we were at the head of the table, the refrigerator and sinks were behind us and I was facing the stove on her left side. 

Suddenly, I realised that Patty must have told Auntie about what I had said the day before. She began to spank me in the centre of my butt – slow, steady and hard, just like Daddy did it. It was like sitting in a tub of scalding water. I think I took it pretty well, all things considered. I remember hearing the church bells ringing while my backside was being warmed, the familiar sound coming in through the open window.

Auntie didn’t spank as hard as Daddy or as fast as Mommy, but the punishment lasted much longer. At one point, I remember thinking it was unfair because I hadn’t been that naughty. Finally, Auntie stood me back up, tears streaming down my face despite my bravery and said: “Don’t ever think I won’t spank you, Eddie!”

Then the clouds cleared from her face and she asked kindly: “Do you want some breakfast now?” I nodded and she made me my favourite – eggs, bacon and toast. Auntie even cut up my food for me when she served it, like I was a little boy. Despite my sore bottom, I determined to show her I was actually a big boy, who could take his punishment, by sitting down to eat.

It was definitely the most motherly spanking I ever got, and it was by no means the last time I would find myself being punished by Auntie, including a memorable dual spanking with Johnny, both of us naked and lying side by side on our bellies on his bed while Auntie smacked our little bottoms thoroughly.

Contributor: Eddie

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