In front of the family

I have already written about a few of my spanking memories. I had thought that I was not spanked too often while growing up in the 60s and 70s, at least not compared with friends and cousins who got their backsides warmed regularly.

But then when I think more about it, I suppose my bare bottomed spankings specifically are so memorable because I did not get a lot of spankings in general. So my memories of being a pre-teen and teenage girl are those of the shame and embarrassment of receiving them while over my father’s lap, and my mother scolding me at the same time. 

I know I received some bottom warmings when I was much younger, many times over clothes and occasionally not. However, young children are not that affected by modesty, so having my bottom exposed to be spanked wasn’t that much of a big deal. Once I started developing in all of the places where young girls develop, modesty and privacy became much more important to me. 

My embarrassment and humiliation when receiving a bare bottom spanking have stayed with me over the years. Both of my parents seeing my private areas, especially while kicking in pain to expose between my legs, is somehow the thing that made it difficult for me to become too close with them. 

A few years ago, I asked my younger sister how she felt about receiving bare bottomed spankings as a girl. She answered that she hadn’t actually received that many, since she was the youngest and learned by having me as an example as to what happened when you got in trouble. She added that although being bare bottomed for a spanking was embarrassing, they were her parents after all and she felt it was just part of the punishment. 

One thing she mentioned was that she would never forget the time I got a bad spanking in front of all the family when I was all of 18 years old, after I came home from the prom after drinking. I was put straight to bed upon my return, but the next morning my sister and two teenage brothers were called into the kitchen to witness my comeuppance.

Naturally, my bottom was bared and everyone present could see everything I had, front and back, as I was put over my father’s knee for a good dose of the hairbrush, and my behind’s colour quickly changed from creamy white to deep crimson.

My sister tells me that because Dad had my bare bottom facing towards the breakfast table, she could not only my bum but also my vaginal area as I kicked and cried. She was sure my brothers both got an erection watching the spanking, as they could not take their eyes off my bottom. Afterwards, I had to stand in the corner with my bright red buttocks and thighs on display as they ate breakfast.

Of all the family, I was the only one who ever got spanked in front of the entire family. My sister understands why this still bothers me so many years later, and why I never spanked my children. She has spanked hers on occasion, but always privately. 

Contributor: Libby

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