A splash of spanking

The most unusual spanking I ever got was when I was six years old and went swimming a the house of one of my best friends, a girl called Lenore.

Lenore, who was the same age as me, was one of five girls in the family – there was also 10-year-old Linda, 16-year-old Lois and a couple of older sisters that I don’t really recall much, as I didn’t have that much to do with them.

On this particular day, I and the three younger girls were jumping in and out of the pool when a mishap occurred. I hadn’t secured my bathing suit by tying it tightly enough and it slipped down in front of everyone, exposing my bottom to the girls.

Lois, the eldest, was really in a babysitting role at the time. I was really embarrassed by the accident and begged her not to tell my mom, because I was sure she would spank me for it, even though it wasn’t anything intentional. Basically, I got spanked for a lot of things! Lois reassured me on that point, but said she wanted to make sure it didn’t happen again. She told me to come into the house with her and the other two girls.

She took us all upstairs to a bedroom, where she placed me on the bed, on my back. Lois pulled my feet up and held both of them with her left hand, my legs and bottom angled up towards her. Then she reached under my buttocks and started spanking me with her right hand.

It was almost like a ‘play spanking’ and wasn’t that hard, but it stung and all the while she was warming my seat, Lois was looking directly at me and smiling. She was blonde, with blue eyes, and looked fantastic in her bathing suit.

The spanking lasted for quite a few minutes, and all the while Lenore and Linda were giggling and laughing – they had never seen a boy getting spanked before.

When she was done, Lois picked me up and hugged me like a mother forgiving her naughty child. Then, to my surprise, she pulled my bathing suit down at the back showing my red bottom to her sisters. Although she was still smiling, there was a hint of seriousness in Lois’s voice as she told them: “Take a good look, because this is what you will get too if you don’t obey me.” Both girls promised to be good. Even though all the girls had already seen my naked bottom, it felt strange to have been spanked and then have my bum revealed again to show off Lois’s work.

Lois pulled my suit back up, tied the drawstring properly this time, and we all went back down to the pool. I don’t know whether spanking me awoke a motherly instinct in Lois, but she kept hugging and cuddling me all afternoon.

In due course, Lenore became my first proper girlfriend and I spent a lot of good times with both her and her two older sisters. I was always welcome at the house, and was popular with her family.

Unfortunately, I was never spanked again by Lois, and I didn’t pursue the subject with her – maybe I should have done. Even though it wasn’t that hard, it was a good spanking and I don’t think it was the first time she had chastised a child like that. In retrospect, I do wonder if it was something Lois had planned to do to me and had just been waiting for the opportunity or excuse!

Contributor: Eddie

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