Sore bottom in the summertime

It was the summer vacation and I was doing the usual thing that most 14-year-old girls do during a break from school – nothing. My days mostly consisted of hanging out with friends, swimming or having sleepovers. 

On this particular summer day, I was at my friend Sara’s house. We were in her upstairs bedroom playing a board game. Her bedroom had a nice view of her back yard and the swimming pool. 

Suddenly, we heard her older sister Mary, who was 16, saying over and over again: “I didn’t mean to – I’m sorry.” We looked out of Sara’s window to the pool to see that Mary was lying in a lounge chair in her bikini, while their father was standing over her. 

The window was open and we heard Dad calmly tell her that a neighbour had seen her back the family’s new car into the driveway wall. “Don’t deny it, Mary,” her dad told her. “What’s more, because you weren’t inclined to tell me until you were found out, you’re going to be punished. And that punishment will be a spanking.”

Mary began to cry and begged her dad not to spank her. He took no notice of her protests, but just sat down next to her on another lounger and told her: “Get over my knee – now.”

“Please, Daddy, no! Not here! People will hear!” “Do you think I care about that? Get over my knee now, or you’re going to be there much longer.”

Mary sniffled and bent over her father’s knee. He immediately started warming her bottom harshly on each butt cheek. She cried for a while, then yelled: “I hate you!”

Her dad’s response was uncompromising. “That’s it!” he said, and untied the strings of her bikini bottom. He slipped this down to expose her already red behind for an even harder spanking. 

As her daddy spanked her like a naughty little girl, Mary sobbed and apologised. For my own part, I must admit to being fascinated. I had been given many bare bottom spankings of my own but never before had I had the opportunity to observe how a disobedient child’s bottom changes in colour, going from white to pink, pink to red, and red to deep crimson. I knew what heat Mary was feeling too, from my own experiences. 

The punishment lasted less than 10 minutes but seemed longer to this observer. When Mary’s father was done chastising her, she got off his lap and held her hands in front of her pubic area. Occasionally she had to reveal her front, though, so she could rub the fire in the rear. Eventually, her dad handed her a towel, told her to go to her room and not plan on driving the car again for a month. 

Mary hastily wrapped the towel around her bottom half and ran into the house, clearly humiliated to have had her father see her vagina and bottom at such an advanced age.

When it was over, I asked Sara whether their dad usually spanked bare bottom. She replied that they rarely got spanked at all, and she had never it given on the bare before today. That kind of shut me up, as I didn’t then care to admit that I always got spanked on the bare behind.

After witnessing that spanking, we didn’t spend half as much time at Sara’s house anymore, at least not when her father was at home. It was a truly memorable spanking in my young mind – but I was very glad it wasn’t me bare-bottomed over that fatherly lap!

Contributor: Libby

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