Spanked in my Speedos

I got my first real spanking from my dad when I was about seven years old. He and I were home alone, and I asked him if I could go into the pool. He replied: “Fine – put your bathing suit on”. Once I was in it, I went over to Dad as I needed help tying the drawstring so the suit didn’t slip off and expose my bottom, as had happened before in the past.

Dad tied the string very securely for me and then the phone rang. He told me I could go into the backyard but not to go into the pool until he came out to supervise. Of course, being the brat that I was, I didn’t listen. I went into the yard and straight into the pool, against Dad’s orders.

When he came out and saw me in the pool, he was naturally very angry. He ordered me to get out. I climbed out and stood in front of him.

I was only wearing a dark blue Speedo racing bathing suit. I had green eyes, brown wavy hair, was very active and athletic and no doubt looked very spankable. I don’t know if it’s just me, but boys in Speedo-type bathing suits seem to get spanked more often!

Dad grabbed me by both my shoulders and spun me around. I was now facing away from him, my bum towards him, in perfect striking distance. He firmly gripped my left shoulder with his left hand to keep me from moving at all. I had no idea what was going to happen because I had never been spanked standing up before.

Dad was an amateur boxer with a great deal of experience. The first smack I got was incredibly hard and it felt like his hand was an iron paddle. The swat actually caused me to jerk forward, which was why he had held me in place with his hand on my shoulder.

He then spanked me very quickly with his right hand about ten more times. At first, I didn’t realise what was going on until about the third smack when I said to myself: “Oh boy, I’m getting spanked!”

My bum was still dripping wet and it felt like the water back there was actually boiling every time Dad smacked me. This was my first real spanking from Dad, and my bum was on fire even though my suit was wet.

When he finally stopped, Dad let me go. I turned and looked at him, but didn’t say a word. Instead, I started walking back into the house, as I assumed that I would now need to go to my room – this was always my fate after Mom had spanked me.

Dad said: “Where are you going?” “Into the house,” I replied. “No,” he said firmly, “stay out here”. So I then asked if I could go back into the pool. Dad said: “Fine”.

He gently picked me up and put me into the pool. The cool water felt great on my burning bottom. The simultaneous hot/cold feeling was actually euphoric – I had never felt anything like this before. Dad soon joined me in the pool and we played and had a great time.

When we got out of the pool, he dried me off with a towel and held and hugged me. I knew why I had been spanked and had no real issues with it, as it was very well deserved.

Contributor: Eddie

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