Spanked at Disneyland

When I was about seven or eight, I went on a trip to France with my mother. One of the things we were due to do on the trip was spend a whole day at Disneyland Paris. I was very excited about this, as I think most children would be.

The first few days of our trip went well but the night before our day at Disneyland, I was so over-excited that mom had to threaten me with a spanking if I didn’t settle down and go to bed. I obeyed, and my bottom escaped censure – for now.

Unfortunately, by morning I was back to being hyper. However, Mom was in a good mood and displayed a lot of patience with me. She packed our backpack with extra clothes and other things we needed, then we went to find the bus which would take us to the resort.

I was told to hold Mom’s hand all the time, since Paris was a big city and I could easily get lost on the way to the bus. At one point, I failed to stop for the red light on a crossing. Fortunately, Mom managed to grab me by the hand and pulled me back. She told me off for being careless about traffic and gave me a hard smack on the seat of my pants – it hurt a lot, but not enough to make me cry.

The smack made me settle down and we got on the bus. Upon arrival at Disneyland, the bus driver told my Mom the bus would return at five to pick us day visitors back up. Once again, Mom warned me to stay close so I did not get lost.

We had not been at the resort long, however, before I became hyper again. I did stay with Mom as directed, but was continually wanting to try this, then that, and I kept dragging her around.

Finally, Mom had had enough. She found a bench and Mom placed me in ‘time out’ there while she lectured me about my behaviour and scolded me for my impatience. Having calmed me down yet again, she took out a map and had me point out where I wanted to go first. I think it was the Dumbo carousel, and it was great fun.

At noon, just before lunch, we watched the big parade with all the Disney characters – it was amazing. After that, we ate some lunch and while Mom took a little break I was allowed to play at the nearby playground 

While I was playing there, some of the Disney characters walked past. I wandered off to meet and hug them. So it was that when Mom went to retrieve me from the playground, I was nowhere to be seen.

Mom was extremely worried, as you might imagine. She contacted park staff and they put a ‘missing child’ call out over their walkie-talkie. Just at that moment, and to her immense relief, Mom spotted me – I was with Cinderella.

Mom ran over to me, hugged me – but then started to scold me too. After informing security that I had been found, she took me to the restroom – but not to use it for toilet purposes.

Once inside the restroom, Mom bent me over one of her legs and spanked me hard with her hand on the seat of my pants. I got about 10 smacks, and this time I did cry. I cried even harder when Mom told me I would also be getting a bare bottom spanking at bedtime.

I was on my best behaviour for the rest of the day, hoping against hope that Mom wouldn’t smack my bottom again.

However, after dinner she told me it was bedtime and once I was in my pyjamas, Mom came into my room holding the hairbrush she reserved for my chastisement.

Mom told me how scared and worried she had been when she lost me, then with a loving but stern look in her eyes, she told me to pull down my pyjama bottoms and panties, and bend over her knee.

I didn’t really have much choice about such things at that age. I lay over her knee obediently and Mom gave me 10 smacks each with her hand and with the hairbrush.

After I had had a little cry, Mom made me decent again and put me into bed. She kissed me on the forehead, told me that she loved me and said I was forgiven.

Contributor: Sarah

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