A heap of trouble

I think I must have been around six years old and in my kindergarten class. It was winter time and I was wearing pantyhose under my dress that day.

It had been snowing a lot and outside in the school yard was a large heap of snow which had been cleared from the ground. Us children had been forbidden to climb this ‘snow mountain’ after one boy fell off it and broke his arm.

One break time, we were playing in the snow when we began to dare each other to do things. One girl, who was very popular, dared me to climb the mountain. She said that if I wanted to play with her and her friends, up the forbidden mountain I would have to go.

So what does a six-year-old girl do? Of course, I began climbing the mountain of snow. I was almost at the top when the bell rang and all the kids began to go back inside.

Meanwhile, one of the teachers had spotted me. She scolded me for disobeying school rules, then took me to my classroom and told my own teacher what I had done.

After her colleague left, my teacher lectured me some more, then sent me to the corner while she set the rest of the class an assignment.

Having done so, she called me out from the corner and took me by the hand to the back of the class, where there was a little playroom. We went in, although my teacher left the door open.

She sat down on a chair and had me stand in front of her. She told me that because I had disobeyed and done something dangerous, I was now going to get a smacked bottom 

Then she put me over her knee, raised my dress, and started giving me a spanking on the seat of my pantyhose. After about four smacks I began to cry but she continued until she had hit me ten times.

She stood me up and while I cried, she went to get a tissue. When I had finally stopped weeping and dried my eyes, I was ordered to return to my seat and get on with the assignment that had been set.

When class was dismissed, my teacher called my mom and told her I had been spanked. Mom was not pleased with me, to say the least, so that night after dinner she gave me another spanking – this time on my bare bottom – before she diapered me and put me to bed. I cried myself to sleep that night. 

Contributor: Hannah

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