Spanking the twins

At the age of 17, in the early 60s, I was frequently earning money as a babysitter.

There was one family which I doubt I will ever forget. There were three children – a set of nine-year-old twin boys and a seven-year-old girl. They were generally good kids; however. there was usually some trouble-making going on, especially with the twins.

One afternoon while I was sitting, there were an unusual amount of problems. Since I only had the boys that day, I thought it would be a pretty easy job. I was wrong. The boys were being extremely fresh to me so I punished them by sending them to their rooms.

I went up to their room a half hour later, only to find that they had disappeared through an open window. I frantically searched for them for another half an hour until they showed up in their room as if nothing had happened.

As this was the 60s, I decided to give the trouble makers twin spankings. I had them sit on the bed facing me, in a chair. I took one of them over to my right side, and began to take down his pants and briefs. Embarrassed as he was, he stopped protesting after I threatened to get the hairbrush.

I had spanked before but never these boys, so they weren’t sure what they were in for. I then had the other boy come to my left and I took down his clothes.

After lecturing them about how this was for their own good, and how dangerous running off could be, I instructed the one on the left to stand in the corner while I took care of his brother.

I took the one on the right over my knee and spanked him about 60 times, alternating cheeks. His bare bum was bright red when I was done. He was sent to the corner and I repeated the spanking on his brother. After 20 minutes in the corner, I let them free.

I wasn’t planning to tell their mother when she returned. However, knowing that they had been being fresh, she asked me if I had had to punish them. After explaining what happened, she immediately turned red and apologised.

I thought that was the end of it until she called the boys into the room and announced that in view of their poor behaviour, she and I would be spanking them again. Reluctant but unable to disobey an adult, I followed her.

Each boy then received not one but two more spankings, one from each of us. Let’s just say that by the end of the day, my hand sure hurt – but not as bad as those boys’ red hot bums!

Contributor: Kim

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